Wisdom Tooth Coming In Sideways – Teeth Removal Complications

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars (third molars). They are the largest teeth in the mouth and it normally comes through at the age of 17 and 25. As it comes in last, it can be impacted by the bone and gum.

But, the wisdom teeth coming in can cause some problems to develop – wisdom tooth coming out sideways. Since wisdom teeth don’t get enough space to properly grow, they normally come through in the wrong direction and grow sideways towards the inside of the teeth or grow outwards near the cheek area.

Side effects of wisdom teeth growing sideways

In this condition, it creates a severe toothache and people often choose to take painkillers and pain medicines to alleviate the tooth pain and get relief.

Wisdom teeth angled towards cheek become so sensitive and raw that even clenching the jaw muscles creates an extreme pain in the mouth, ear, and face.

Wisdom teeth growing sideways cause a great difficulty when consuming solid foods.

Wisdom tooth growing into cheek can cause a cut in the mouth and cheeks and this can lead to injury to the skin when the jaw is being used. This kind of injuries will cause bleeding, infection, and pus in the mouth and cheek. In this condition, make use of mouthwash as it can be hard to brush in this sensitive region.

The wisdom tooth erupting crowds other teeth and it can push those teeth. This can lead to gum loosening and gum infection.

The wisdom teeth coming in sideways can result in a headache and fever.

Wisdom teeth angled towards cheek swollen-ups the outer cheek, leading to severe pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Wisdom tooth coming in sideways treatment

The tooth extraction is the best remedy to fix wisdom teeth coming in sideways. The surgery can be performed on the 3rd molar or on the growing molars. Anesthesia will be mostly used on the individual during the treatment to extract wisdom teeth. Anesthesia like Novocaine injections will be administered to the jaw. Then the oral surgeon uses the surgical tools to cut the gums and pulls the tooth from the gums. Mostly, 2 or 4 wisdom teeth are pulled during one surgery sitting.

Preparing for wisdom teeth removal

  • Get a recovery manual from the oral surgeon. Thoroughly read the manual and do buy all the things that are listed in the manual.
  • On the treatment, day wear the right clothes. Try to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes such as a comfy T-shirt and sweatpants. Don’t try to wear tight-fitted clothes.
  • Buy recovery supplies and all the medicines from the pharmacy before undergoing the surgery as they will be required while recovering.
  • Take a good rest and relax before surgery. Follow the instructions of your oral surgeon’s on having water and food.
  • In the recovery period eat soft food items like Applesauce, ice Cream, soup, Jell-O or Pudding, Mashed Potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, and instant oatmeal as they will be helpful.

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