What Not To Eat After A Tooth Extraction

When recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, it is important to know what not to eat after a wisdom tooth extraction. Here are the foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, and surgeries:

1) Acidic and spicy foods

After wisdom tooth extraction, adding your favorite spices like hot pepper to your food can cause irritation to your mouth and gums. Cracked pepper gets stuck and causes pain and discomfort. And acidic foods like hot tomato sauce can also cause pain or may burn when your mouth is healing. The hot temperatures from these spicy and hot foods promote the blood clot breakdown and can cause infection or dry socket. So it is best to avoid spicy and acidic foods until your dental professional gives you an all-clear signal.

2) Crunchy snacks

Avoid eating solid foods like crunchy snacks in the first week after wisdom tooth removal. The reason is that snacks are hard to chew when you have a sore mouth, and the bits of the snacks will get lodged in the socket. The crunchy foods can interfere and disrupt the blood clot after dental surgery. Stick to eating soft foods like ice creams, cool soups, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, yogurts, smoothies, soft pasta and scrambled eggs during the first week following the surgery and avoid crunchy snacks until your dentist recommends.

Avoid popcorn as the corn hulls can get stuck. And, also, avoid solid foods like beef jerky or steak as they take lots of jaw-power.

3) Drinking using a straw

Using a straw to drink cool beverages immediately after surgery causes a sucking motion that can cause dry socket. Dry socket happens when a blood clot gets dislodged and exposes the nerve and bone before the wound heals. To reduce dry socket complications, take small sips while drinking after you have your tooth pulled, without using a straw.

Dentists recommend that you stay well hydrated during the recovery timeline to keep the blood clots in place, but, you must avoid drinking carbonated drinks and sodas because they can make the blood clots weaker and dislodge in the mouth.

You must also delay drinking alcohol immediately after surgery since it can interfere with the healing process and cause more pain and swelling. Avoid alcohol for the first few days.

Avoid orange juice when recovering. Acidic juices like orange juice can cause pain or burning if taken into your mouth quickly after your tooth is pulled.

4) Small grains and seeds

Foods having small seeds like poppy seeds or sesame seeds and small foods like rice and nuts can get stuck in your tooth sockets, and get infected or cause extreme pain. And these small seeds and grains may need removal by an oral surgeon in order to stop infection.

5) Over the counter, mouthwashes

While mouth rinses is not a food, people usually use mouth rinses like Scope or Listerine after a tooth removal. Mouthwashes significantly interfere when the mouth is healing. Dentists will normally prescribe their patient a safe mouth rinse like Peridex oral rinse, after dental surgery.

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