What Not To Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth removal is a serious surgical treatment. You can reduce unnecessary pain, swelling, and infection if you give importance to post-operative care. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid complications.

1) Keep the gauze pad placed on your surgical site in place for 30-minutes. Then, remove and discard the gauze pad.

2) Limit your routine activities on your surgery day. Resume the activities once you feel comfortable. In the first 24 hours after surgery, take this opportunity to rest and relax. Taking rest helps to develop stable blood clots. Thoroughly developed blood clots help to stop bleeding and stop dry socket from happening, hence helps in the recovery process.

3) Avoid touching or rinsing the mouth vigorously. This can dislodge the formed blood clot and initiate bleeding.

4) Take the pain medicines prescribed when you start to experience pain and feel discomfort. Pain medicines will slow down your reflex actions and make you feel sleepy. So don’t drive the auto or work around machines. Also, don’t drink alcoholic beverages.

5) Slight bleeding is common. To control excessive bleeding wipe or rinse any old clots in your mouth. Put a gauze pad on the surgical area and firmly bite for 30-minutes and sit upright. If bleeding continues, smoothly wipe away the blood clot formed on your extraction site and place a moistened tea bag and bite on it for 30-minutes.

6) Swelling around the cheeks, faces sides, eyes, and mouth are common. To reduce swellings apply ice packs to your face sides where the oral surgery was done. Leave the ice packs continuously when awake for a couple of days.

7) Don’t apply heat to your cheek closest to the wisdom tooth extraction area for the first day. Ice your cheek area.

8) Take fluids on a daily basis to avoid dehydration. Initially drink only liquids without using the straw because it can dislodge the formed blood clot and can cause excessive bleeding.

9) Eat only soft foods for the first 4 – 5 days and ensure you chew away from the extraction sites. Regular nourishment and high protein and calorie intake are extremely important. Read – What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

10) Avoid sleeping flat because the blood volume change and can make your surgical wound throb. Keep your head elevated using lots of pillows when you sleep so that your upper body is about 45-degree angle.

11) Don’t spit the bleeding, which is normal for the first day after surgery because it can dislodge the formed blood clot in the socket. Wear and change gauze to absorb the excessive blood in the first 24-hours.

12) Avoid smoking for the first couple of days. Chewing tobacco must be avoided for at least 7-days as they can increase the complication risk and prevent healing.

13) Bruising or discoloration is common. The growth of green, black, blue, or yellow discoloration is because of blood swelling below the tissues. Discoloration takes 15 days to resolve and this is normal post-surgery happening. Avoid exposure to sunlight until the bruising has resolved

14) Take prescribed medicines without skipping on a daily basis. And take prescribed antibiotic tablets or liquids on a regular basis as it helps to prevent infections. After a tooth extraction painkiller and anti-inflammatory drugs must be taken to reduce the pain and swelling. If you get a rash or other complications, discontinue using antibiotics. If your pain persists after 2-3 days of tooth removal and causes bleeding, then consult your dentist.

15) Avoid taking aspirin tablets. Aspirin is a blood thinner and it will delay the formation of blood clot hence, will stop healing. You can take ibuprofen. Consult your dentist before consuming any medicine and take prescribed medication.

16) Vomiting and nausea are common side effects due to anesthesia, and oral medications. If vomiting and nausea occur, don’t take anything for some hours, including oral pain medicines. You must then sip on ginger ale, tea, or coke over a 20-minute period. Once nausea reduces, you can start eating solid foods and begin the prescribed pain medications.

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