Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System- Smartphone powered

When it comes to preserving and showcasing a pearly white gorgeous smile most people will stop at nothing. They use teeth whitening gels, whitening strips, or undergo professional teeth whitening treatments to get a bright smile as it is a necessity.

If you are searching for an innovating system to protect your pearly white smile without a constant visit to your dental professional or drugstore, then it doesn’t get any easier than using this smartphone-powered Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System.

Check Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System here


  • Innovative 16LED Mouth Piece
  • Complete 360º whitening
  • iPhone, Android smartphone connectable via USB
  • Waterproof mouthpiece to clean easily
  • Most Innovative Teeth Whitening System

Created to give you a white bright smile, this Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening set lets you to get your desired smile by using your cell phone. This whitening system is compatible with iPhone, Android, and a USB and you can power it using your smartphone.

The cutting edge 16 LED technology by NUOVAGLO whitens your teeth effectively and fast and at the same time improves your gum health and strengthens your tooth enamel for a healthy mouth. It includes the same dental-grade formula as used in in-office dental tooth whitening.

The fast acting 2-step system and easy brush tip application let you view results in less than half an hour with a single use. Just connect the smartphone to the mouthpiece, apply the whitening gel and insert the mouthpiece on your teeth for 30-minutes to get a glowing grin.

The whitening gel is made in the USA, Kosher certified, FDA compliant, and cruelty-Free Product.

With 16 LED whitening light, patented 2-step treatment gels, and ergonomic waterproof mouthpiece, this complete whitening solution will transform your teeth in the at-home comfort or while you are on the go. And the best part is this system will provide you with 20 treatments, therefore, as you go, you can touch up your teeth. If you want to keep a bright smile or looking to get a glowing grin, then use the Nuovaglo 2-Step teeth whitening set by Joyus.

Begin seeing your desired results after your first 30 minutes of treatments, and in the end, achieve your glow back.

Check Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System here

Product requirements and details:

Ingredients  of NUOVAGLO™ 12% Dental Grade Hydrogen Peroxide- Step 1: Hydrogen Peroxide 12%, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Peppermint Oil, water, Carbomer, EDTA, Sodium Saccharin

Ingredients of NUOVAGLO™ Enamel booster Gel- Step 2: Magnesium Chloride, non-caloric sweetener, pH controlled with phosphoric acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate tribasic, Calcium Carbonate

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