How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Fast – At Home Remedies

A toothache can be cured using home remedies. Even the intense and extreme pains, swellings, and inflammation can be alleviated with simple home remedy tips for tooth pain.

What can you do for a toothache at home?

Here is the best way to get rid of a toothache – Use easily available natural spices at home.

(1) Asafetida for a toothache

Asafoetida is a spice used in kitchens. Take asafetida and a few lemon drops and make a paste. Then heat this mixture and dip a cotton ball in it. Put the cotton ball on your aching tooth and it’ll alleviate your toothache.

(2) Can you use garlic for a toothache?

Just place a garlic clove on your affected tooth to reduce your pain. Another most effective remedy is to add a pinch of rock salt to the garlic. And chew some raw garlic when you wake up in the morning in order to avoid recurrence of a toothache.

(3) Clove oil

How to use clove oil for a toothache?

You can either chew cloves or use a clove oil. Soak a cotton piece in the clove oil and put it on your aching tooth to alleviate your pain. You can also chew a clove directly.

(4) Salt and pepper paste for a toothache

Take some drops of clove oil and mix some pepper in it and make a paste. Add little rock salts for making it more effective. Put this paste on your toothache and it will immediately reduce your pain. Or you can also take a cup of water and a few grams of peppermint and boil it together. Once it cools down, use it for drinking and it will provide toothache relief.

(5) Raw onion for tooth pain

Is raw onion good for a toothache?

Chewing raw onions on a daily basis stops tooth decays and bacterial infections. Put some onion slices on your aching tooth and you will get relief from a toothache.

What to do for a toothache at home?

Natural herbs and plants – The best way to stop tooth pain at home

(1) Guava leaves for a toothache

Chewing a guava leaf will help to reduce the tooth pain. Every morning, take some guava leaves and chew it and extract its juices onto your toothache.

(2) Spinach leaves

You can also chew a spinach leaf to allay your pain.

(3) Cucumber slices

Take some cucumber slices and refrigerate it. Then, put this cold, chilled cucumber slices on your tooth pain. The chilled cucumber slice will provide you quick tooth pain relief by numbing your pain.

(4) Wheatgrass for a toothache

Is wheatgrass good for a toothache?

Chewing wheatgrass draws out toxins from your gums and gets rid of your tooth pain.

(5) Bayberry

Take a bayberry bark and make a paste. Then, apply it to your tooth pain area. This will stop the pain and also, strengthen your gums and teeth.

What can I use to stop toothache pain?

Here are other home remedies for severe a toothache pain relief:

(1) Vanilla extract

Take some drops of vanilla extract and directly put it on your aching tooth. Or you can also soak a cotton piece in the vanilla extract and put it on your toothache. It will provide an instant relief by numbing the aching area.

(2) Drink alcohol

Does drinking alcohol help a toothache?

Alcohol provides a fast relief by numbing the nerves. Soak a cotton piece in liquors such as whiskey or vodka and then place the cotton ball in your tooth pain area. You can also sip vodka or whiskey and hold it in your mouth, on your aching tooth. And after a few minutes, spit it out.

(3) Make use of cold ice packs

Place raw ice or a cold ice pack on your aching tooth. It will instantly numb your toothache.

(4) Tea tree oil for a severe toothache

Can I use tea tree oil for a toothache?

Tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial elements and it will immediately reduce your toothache. Therefore, apply tea tree oil on your aching tooth directly to get relief.

What is the best home remedy for bad, throbbing toothache pain?

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Hence, the best way to stop a toothache is to take proper care of your teeth by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. And practicing healthy dental hygiene and following a good diet.

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