How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Without Insurance

Wisdom teeth (impacted third molars) stay in the last row of the lower and upper teeth. Removing wisdom tooth becomes essential when it happens to erupt incompletely in the gums or comes out from side to side or becomes trapped (impacted) in the mouth with the other teeth.

If these crowded wisdom teeth are not cleared, it can lead to a swelling and severe toothache and can damage nearby teeth, nerves, and bones. Furthermore, wisdom teeth can cause infections.

Wisdom teeth removal is not cheap regardless of whether you have insurance or not. However, if your insurance company covers your dental treatments, then a few expenses can be decreased to a certain level. The cost of wisdom tooth extraction is determined based on different factors. Here are the factors that determine the cost.

1) Primary consultation and X-ray process

The initial procedure begins with the consultation and full mouth X-rays. During the initial process, the cost without insurance would be about $300.

2) Anesthesia and sedation

Extracting wisdom teeth needs a complex surgical intercession. Therefore, a local anesthesia is used for numbing the surgical site. There are various types of anesthesia you can use. The cost increases based on the anesthesia type you choose. Intravenous sedation can cost around $500 to $600 and based on the surgery, nitrous oxide sedation can cost around $200 to $300.

3) Experience and skill of the surgeon

While everyone needs a skilled, efficient, and trained dentist to perform the wisdom teeth extraction, it is nearly not possible for a normal middle-class person to afford the cost without having insurance. Therefore, again, the popularity and experience of the oral surgeon can decide the cost. An unskilled and inexperienced dentist may do the treatment at a lower cost compared to an experienced and skilled dentist surgeon.

4) Wisdom tooth severity

If the wisdom teeth to be removed is complex, then expect to pay more. The cost will be cheaper if the tooth could be easily removed. If the wisdom teeth are impacted or have partially erupted, then the surgical process needs to be done to pull it. This can be very costly compared to a naturally erupted tooth. Moreover, if more time is needed to perform the surgery, then cost can be higher. Generally, normal tooth removal can cost around $75 to $300 for extracting the gum-erupted tooth without surgery and the cost of extracting tooth using anesthesia is around $200 to 700$.

5) The number of wisdom teeth to be removed

Without insurance, the cost of wisdom teeth extraction also depends on the number of wisdom teeth to be removed. A single wisdom tooth extraction cost will be around $75 to $200. And the cost will be around $300 to $800 for removing all four wisdom teeth. This includes consultation, medication, and X-ray fees.

6) Dentist surgeon’s place

The wisdom teeth extraction cost without insurance in the small town will be cheaper compared to the cost in big metro cities.

But the wisdom teeth extraction is costly if you also have insurance plans. American dental association (ADA) has developed a set of Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes that help the individual to get solutions to increasing dental problems. These codes help people to know the specific treatment easily. You can ask the dental office agent to provide the ADA’s code number to understand the exact cost and services they give.

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