When And How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Drink Alcohol?

It is not a pleasant experience to get a tooth pulled. Most people after surgery in the mouth would prefer to relax with a glass of whiskey or red wine. But is it safe and okay to have alcohol after wisdom tooth surgery?

Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction?

Normally, drinking alcohol after tooth extraction is not recommended for the first 24 hours once a tooth is extracted or after any kind of oral surgery. The reason is that during the first 24-hours blood clot will be developing in the surgical place. In fact, you must also avoid cleaning your mouth with water and eating too cold or too hot food. After the blood clot is developed well, drinking alcohol shouldn’t be a problem.

After tooth extraction, you must take this chance for relaxing and recovering. When you rest, the blood clot develops fully, bleeding, and dry socket doesn’t happen.

An important thing you must know about drinking alcohol after wisdom tooth extraction is that the most dentists surgeons prescribe pain medicines after your tooth removal. This could be a type of Ibuprofen, Norco, Tylenol with Codeine, Vicodin, or an antibiotic medication like Metronidazole to reduce the pain and risk of infection.

You should not combine these medications with liquor. Such a toxic mixture can be extremely dangerous and could potentially damage your health. Tooth extraction and alcohol don’t always mix.

Why can’t you drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

Drinking alcohol after wisdom teeth surgery may feel harmless. But when you drink whiskey, brandy, soda, beer, vodka, spirits, or wine, the prescribed drugs interact with the alcohol after you drank and can cause serious problems and intensify the consequences. This includes:

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepy or Lightheadedness
  • Becoming too weak to drive
  • Not be able to concentrate well
  • Becoming susceptible to falls and injuring the extraction site
  • Severe headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Even liver damage

Therefore, your top priority must be the recovery. To prevent any problems, to allow your gums to heal properly, and for the overall well being of your health, it is recommended to stay away from drinking alcohol after getting wisdom teeth removed. Once you complete the dentist’s prescribed drugs, you can begin drinking alcohol after a tooth extraction. To prevent any problems while recovering after getting wisdom teeth out, avoid drinking alcohol after oral surgery until your pain medications have completed.

How long after tooth extraction can I drink alcohol?

If you are a healthy person, you must get a stable blood clot in 24 to 48 hours post-extraction. Therefore, after 2 or 3 days following the surgery, it is safe to drink alcohol after tooth extraction like wine, beer, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum, etc. in moderation. However, if the dentist has prescribed painkillers (analgesic) or antibiotics for 4-5 days, then it is usually recommended not to combine medications and alcohol because that combination of alcohol and wisdom teeth pain medicine could be toxic and can cause complex problems to your health.

How many days after having a tooth pulled should you wait to drink alcohol?

To completely enjoy drinking alcohol after tooth removal, you have to wait for a week to stop worrying about complications. Here are some issues you must be aware of regarding- can you drink alcohol after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

#1. Alcohol can increase recovery time. Drinking alcohol slows down the healing of the wound and increases the infection chances. Furthermore, if you have compromised wound healing disease, then the extraction site will take longer to heal.

#2. Heavy drinking can dislodge the formed blood clot in the tooth, encourage bleeding, delay healing significantly, and increase the infection risk. Avoiding alcohol for 3 days lets the blood clot to develop properly. If the blood in the surgical site doesn’t coagulate, you can get dry socket. Dry socket is a very painful condition wherein the formed blood clot becomes dislodged exposing the nerves and bones to food, air, and other things that go into the mouth causing severe infection and pain.

#3. If the dentist has given antibiotic and analgesic medications like Metronidazole for a week, it is advised not to combine medications and alcohol. These drugs can interact with alcohol, leading to side-effects such as severe headaches, vomiting, mouth becoming dry etc.

#4. If you have been given non-resorbable stitches in the surgical site, they are often removed after a week, which again minimally opens the wound area. Therefore, it is suggested to wait for 7 days if you want to enjoy the drink thoroughly without having to bother about possible complications.

When can you drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

You should not drink alcohol for the first 24-hours. If you start drinking alcoholic beverage after wisdom tooth extraction, it can interfere with the development of your blood clot and encourage excessive bleeding and delay the process of healing. So, it is best to wait for 3 days to start drinking alcohol after wisdom tooth extraction.

How does alcohol affect blood clotting?

In the dentistry, there is no evidence to link that drinking alcohol will cause dry socket. Dry socket is a normal problem after a tooth removal. Dry socket implies blood clot getting dislodged or dissolved after 3-4 days following the tooth removal before the wound heals, and exposing the nerves and bones below. The only thing you must be aware of is consuming alcohol can interfere with your prescribed medications and can delay the healing process.

These are the reasons why no alcohol after tooth extraction is recommended. When you are under the influence of prescribed medications and antibiotics, it is not safe to drink alcohol after tooth extraction. Combining pain medicines and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. It can cause dizziness, liver failure, motor impairment, and overdose.

Can you drink alcohol before getting your wisdom teeth out?

If a general anesthesia has been planned for your wisdom tooth extraction, then it is important that you don’t drink alcohol the day before wisdom teeth surgery. During anesthesia alcohol in your stomach can cause very dangerous complications. If you have consumed alcohol before oral surgery, quickly inform your surgeon.

How long can you drink alcohol before wisdom teeth removal?

You should not drink alcohol for about 10-hours prior to surgery. What happens if you drink alcohol before wisdom teeth removal? Drinking alcohol within 10-hours of wisdom tooth removal surgery can cause life-threatening problems. The dentists will be giving you anesthesia and pain medications. This combination may cause complex problems and eventually harm your body. Thus, the answer to the question- Is it ok to have a moderate amount of alcohol the night before a tooth extraction surgery is don’t ingest alcoholic beverages for 10 hours prior to oral surgery. Alcohol before tooth extraction is not recommended.


Can I drink alcohol after wisdom tooth removal? Drinks can be tempting, but your main priority needs to be your recovery. Drinking alcohol post tooth removal will possibly make things worse.

Ideally, the answer to the question how long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink alcohol is to wait 24-48 hours before having drinks. This will let the blood clot in the surgical site to stabilize. If you have plans to hit an event, you must either cancel it or be prepared to have water while your buddies drink alcohol.

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