Dentists Recommended The Best Teeth Whitening Products

There are lots of teeth whitening toothpaste and treatments available out there, but just a few are equipped to really give you a bright smile.

In order to get the best results while using teeth whitening kits at home, first, you must consider what type of stains you are dealing with. For instance, when you smile, if you notice revealing yellow stains, you may just require standard in-office teeth cleaning procedure, whereas other deep yellow stains like tetracycline stains are not possible to be removed through the teeth whitening treatments.

But usually, if you are getting in-office teeth cleanings regularly and getting the occasional teeth whitening treatments, then at-home whitening gels, toothpaste, and mouthwashes will be very helpful to keep your pearly white teeth. Here are the dentists recommended the most efficient and effective teeth whitening kits and toothpaste to invest in.

Teeth whitening products

Colgate optic white toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste is one drugstore item you can buy to use and cover your bases. But ideally, you should use them besides other tooth whitening solutions. For true tooth-bleaching, dentists usually recommend Colgate Optic White. The reason is that other toothpastes such as Crest 3D White depend on physical tooth-polishers such as silica or calcium carbonate that eventually dulls the surface of your tooth enamel. But Colgate Optic White has a small concentration of hydrogen peroxide that will really bleach or whiten your tooth enamel, providing you real color change to the structure of your tooth.

Opalescence whitening toothpaste

To keep your teeth white use the Opalescence teeth whitening toothpaste. It does depend on silica for polishing the teeth, but it is made with a low abrasion formula. Therefore, it is safer for regular use. The fluoride content in it helps with tooth sensitivity. It is available in various flavors such as Melon and Cool Mint to match your tastes. It is a quite good option to make your teeth shine really well.

Listerine healthy white mouth rinse

If you want to keep your smile bright every day, then swish with Listerine healthy white vibrant multi-action rinse. It has hydrogen peroxide to make your teeth whiter, similar to Optic White, and fluoride to strengthen your teeth.

Philips Sonicare electric rechargeable toothbrush

An electric toothbrush like Philips Sonicare can help you massively. The deep-cleaning feature can create remarkably whiter teeth. The electric toothbrush not only lets you whiten your teeth easily, those bristles vibrations go into the pores. The white settings on this Philips Sonicare toothbrush vibrate to get rid of all those little stains and stuck particles in the unevenness of your tooth’s surface.

Whitening systems

Opalescence Go 15% Kit

While all of the teeth whitening products mentioned above will remove the superficial stains, if you need the result closer to a real dentist office teeth whitening treatment then the most effective at-home products to use are take-home teeth whitening trays that has hydrogen peroxide. They are closest to the dentist in-office teeth whitening session that you can get. In-office teeth whitening treatments usually include a higher hydrogen peroxide percentage and a customized bleaching tray that fits your mouth.

An advantage of having take-home trays is that you get the freedom to whiten your teeth as much as you want, for as long as you need, whenever you want at home. Furthermore, take-home trays don’t probably cause tooth sensitivity as with a kit of teeth whitening strips.

The Opalescence Go kit comes in different hydrogen peroxide concentrations. There are 10, 15, 20, and 35 percent versions. Every box contains pre-filled trays (or with syringe refills). They are one size fits all to match everyone’s teeth. You can use it anywhere from 20 minutes to the whole night while sleeping.

The results that you will get with the Opalescence Go will be almost as good as the custom bleaching trays. But the trade-off is they are disposable. Custom-made teeth bleaching trays can be kept indefinitely, and you can buy more gel at a lower price later on, but you must buy a new kit once they are used up. So try the Opalescence Go kit and save money.

Philips zoom day white and nite white

Another bleaching system dentists recommend are Philips Zoom Day white and Nite white kits. The Day White kit comes in 6 to 14 percent hydrogen peroxide concentration and the Nite White comes in 16 to 22 percent hydrogen peroxide concentration. The only caveat is that your dentist should first make a custom bleaching tray that fits you. The dentist will first create a mold of your mouth to design a custom mouth tray that you carry home and fill with the teeth whitening gel. As per your teeth sensitivities, you can apply as required for 20 to 30 minutes, or longer, if you required.

Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you use teeth whitening products, you must expect higher tooth sensitivity, particularly, if you have had crowns or cavities earlier. A simple solution is to use teeth sensitive toothpaste. You don’t have to brush with it, as such, but once you finish your hygiene routine, take a pea-size amount of sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne and rub it all over the teeth. It helps blocks the agitated nerve endings after teeth bleaching, so you feel less pain.

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