10 Effective Home Remedies For A Tooth Pain

A toothache can be caused due to various reasons like a cracked tooth, cavity, an abscess, loose fillings, sinus condition, etc. The following home remedies can alleviate your toothache until you can visit a dentist.

1) Aspirin – If you have cavities, get a few flavored baby aspirins instead of plain aspirin, because they are tastier. Take an aspirin and crush it, and then apply the crushed aspirin on your tooth’s decayed part. Let it dissolve on its own. Then, you will get relief from the toothache.

2) Cloves – Cloves give fast relief from tooth pain. In Eastern medicine, they have been used for centuries. Take some cloves and grind them and put a little amount of powder next to your painful tooth. Let it stay in the affected tooth and don’t try to eat the ground cloves. After 3-minutes, you will see that your toothache reducing. Cloves are a strong spice, therefore, be prepared for some spiciness.

3) Teabag – Wet a normal tea bag using some water. Use the tea bag on your painful tooth. The tea contains tannins that will help diminish swelling and give instant toothache relief. If you have insensitive teeth, put the tea bag in ice cold water for a few minutes and then apply it.

4) Saltwater – Take a teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth gently using the warm salt water solution. It will kill the bacteria present in your mouth and reduce swelling.

5) Potato – Peel and slice a potato. Then put the potato slice against the painful tooth. You will get relief. Otherwise, grind a potato piece along with a few rock salt using a pestle and mortar. Then put this paste on your affected tooth.

6) Cayenne pepper and ginger – Grind a few cayenne pepper and ginger root. Make a thick paste by adding some drops of water. Dip a cotton ball and cover it completely with the paste. Then apply the cotton ball on your aching tooth. Cotton ball can result in irritation. So, don’t keep the cotton on your gums. You will get quick relief from the tooth pain from this tooth pain home remedy.

7) Garlic – Garlic contains so many therapeutic properties. Therefore, it is another most effective home remedy to cure toothache. Mix garlic with a few rock-salt and then crush it. Then use this paste on your painful tooth to get immediate relief.

8) Onion – Most probably, you won’t care that onions are stinking your mouth if it can ease your throbbing tooth pain. Take a raw onion piece and place it on your painful tooth. It will ease your pain, and also, kill the bacteria that are the reason for the pain.

9) Peppermint tea – Peppermint tea can numb the painful area in your mouth. Take a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves. Steep it in a glass of boiling water for around 15-minutes. Strain the tea and let it cool. Rinse your mouth using the tea till it provides relief.

10) Cucumber – Take a fresh cucumber and slice it. Then place the slice on your painful tooth. If you have sensitive teeth and the cucumber was in the refrigerator, then first bring the cucumber to normal room temperature and then place it on your tooth. If you have insensitive tooth, then make use of chilled cucumber. It will soothe your tooth.

Furthermore, you can also combine cucumber and a few rock-salt and then mash it. Then, use the mashed cucumber over your painful tooth to get quick relief.

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