Zoom Teeth Whitening Process And Systems

teeth-whitening-with-dentistDentists own several types of professional teeth whitening systems to select from, for their clients. All of these teeth bleaching systems contain unique characteristics. However, the dentist’s standard to choose the correct product is based on the degree of its effectiveness.

Here is a list of some of the best professional teeth whitening products which the dentists prefer. The type of bleaching light or laser is enclosed in parentheses.

(1) LaserSmile teeth whitening (A Biolase laser)

(2) Britesmile teeth whitening (gas plasma light technology or LED – light emitting diode)

(3) Rembrandt Sapphire teeth whitening (Plasma Arc Light (PAC))

(4) LumaArch bleaching system (halogen lamp light)

(5) Zoom laser teeth whitening (metal halide lamps light)

Zoom chairside whitening system is the product competitor of a corporation known as Discus Dental, Inc (acquired by Philips), against other teeth whitening products available in the marketplace.

This product is a complete chairside teeth whitening system. The manufacturer of this product gives dentists with major whitening items like – the bleaching laser, the tooth whitener, and even a lot of the ready to use, single-usage items for patients that the dentists require when using the Philips zoom chairside whitening kits treatment. Dentists typically pay around $1,500 cost for the zoom laser teeth whitening system.

Like most of the other teeth polishing systems, the zoom chairside teeth whitening system make use of certain peroxide-based gel and its known activator. These two elements are combined together in the teeth whitening process which forms a whitening gel that is very basic; having a pH range that is typically between 7.5 and 8.5 and is 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel.

The zoom teeth whitening treatment uses a metal halide (MH) light made of excited mercury atoms for activating and improving the teeth whitening solution combined above. Furthermore, the steps that involve the whitening treatment do not essentially differ from other professional teeth whitening systems.

One more additional feature of the zoom whitening laser light unit is an inbuilt infrared filter that reduces the intensity of the laser light coming in contact with your teeth during zoom teeth whitening procedure. But, zoom whitening light can simultaneously illuminate the upper and lower set of your teeth while the whitening solution is being applied on the surface of your teeth.

Here are important characteristics of this best professional teeth whitening system:

(1) The entire treatment generally takes about 90 minutes.

(2) Each teeth bleaching session lasts for 20 minutes, and it is divided into 3 separate applications of the zoom dental whitener. It means the contact of the whitening gel with your teeth is one hour.

(3) Once the treatment is completed, instructions are given to you on how can you whiten your teeth at home using additional teeth bleaching items and/or mouth-tray based items so that you can extend the whitening treatment even out of the dental clinic.

Should you choose the zoom professional teeth whitening system?

This is a decision that requires you to discuss with your dentist who will perform the zoom laser teeth whitening treatment. The essential information is already given to you in this post. Typically, many dentists trust this product since this is an excellent bleaching product among various other competitors.

Besides, the company manufacturing this product appears to have the sincerest goal of creating a credible product as dentist’s professionals must maintain their better reputations. Whatever outcomes and side effects happen to you after using the zoom teeth whitening gel system, it must be as good as with any other top end professional teeth whitening systems.

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