Why Is Cold Water The Only Thing That Makes My Toothache Go Away?

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  • Why is a toothache relieved with cold water?
  • Why does my toothache go away with cold water?
  • why does holding water in my mouth help my toothache?

This is pretty common in dentistry. In dentistry, it is called strangulation theory. Unfortunately, what it often means is you have a nerve that is infected and died.

Here is a brief explanation of – Why only cold water makes your toothache go away?

We have 2-main nerve fibers in our tooth:

  • A-delta fibers
  • C fibers

Definition and difference between them

  • A-delta fibers are what sense is cold, sharp shooting pain.
  • C fibers are what sense is dull throbbing pain.

One key difference between A-delta fibers and c-fibers is A-delta fibers carries a sharp, sudden, prick type of pain in your body. It sends a quick pain message to your brain to prevent it. However, C-fibers carry a lingering kind of pain like aching and burning.

The A-delta fibers have large-diameter cell bodies and conduct a fast action potential. The C-fibers have small-diameter cell bodies and carry out slow action potential.

A-delta fibers respond to the senses like touching or brushing. C-fibers respond to the senses like warm or cold.

When a nerve dies inside of your tooth over time, pressure begins to develop in your tooth. For instance, think of if you have a water bottle in your car that gets very hot, then that water bottle builds up the pressure. When that pressure builds up in your tooth, it compresses those A-fibers and due to that reason, you begin to have lots of pain.

So, when the heat makes your tooth hurt and cold water relieves your pain, it implies that the nerve inside your tooth is dead. Unfortunately, the cure is to get your nerve tissue removed. You can do this by undergoing a root canal treatment or by removing your tooth.