Why Does My Tooth Hurt When I Lay Down Only At Night

emergency-dental-careWhen people are suffering from a toothache, you may have heard them, saying that – Why does my tooth hurt more when I lay down.

A toothache when lying down at night is a normal phenomenon, which many people may have experienced when they had a toothache in their lives. But, here is the truth behind why does tooth pain get worse at night only.

The underneath reasons behind this saying – Why do toothaches hurt more at night?

(1) Circulation of blood

When you lie down, the blood circulates to your head and neck area. When you elevate your head, the blood would possibly flow down and would ease your pain a little bit. Possibly due to the flow of blood to your neck and head area, you experience an unbearable pain when lying down.

(2) Dental abscess

The abscess causes throbbing pain or inflammatory feeling in your affected tooth area. Hence, the pain you experience is very severe in nature. And naturally, it would also be continuous.

On top of a dental abscess, if you happen to chew foods from your affected tooth, then your pain would become extreme and later, when you lay down, possibly you would get up telling – Why does my toothache hurt more at night?

How to get rid of a toothache at night?

Here is the remedy for what to do for a toothache at night:

(1) Get treatment at the earliest.

When it comes to teeth, you should not take any risk. Seeking timely medical help is always better than making your toothache worse by waiting for the time when your pain becomes unbearable and as a result, you would have to undergo a tooth extraction.

If you happen to experience a feeling that you may be having tooth decay, then to prevent any possible situation of saying – why does my toothache hurt more when I lay down, visit a near me dentist and get treated to your affected tooth at the earliest.

(2) Focus on other things instead of your tooth.

During the night time, you will be more relaxed. When it is night time, you would be calmer and all your energies would probably be concentrated on your tooth pain and that would be the reason for you getting up and repeatedly saying – Why does my tooth hurt more at night.

(3) Place an ice pack.

In order to get some fast relief in the middle of the night from a toothache, keep an ice pack on your affected toothache area.

(4) Prevention is better than cure.

  • Even if you are not having a toothache make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day in order to do away with cavities. Keep a better oral hygiene. If you maintain a good dental hygiene, then you would not have to put with any type of an aggravating toothache when you lay down. But make sure you don’t exert too much pressure on your teeth as it would eventually wear off your good tooth enamel.
  • Along with brushing, it is recommended that you brush your tongue also.
  • One better alternative is flossing as it helps to get rid of the cavities that hamper dental hygiene.

It is quite a difficult situation when you are having a headache and would not be able to feel at ease and lie down due to the flow of blood to your head and it exerts pressure resulting in a severe toothache. In order to do away with this uneasy situation just keep a good oral hygiene.