Why Dental Teeth Whitening After Braces Removal Is Better Than Home Teeth Whitening

emergency-dental-careRather than going to a grocery store and purchasing any over the counter teeth whitening products, or whitening kits, or toothpaste, it would be a wiser choice to go to a dentist clinic.

In-office teeth whitening from a professional dentist reduces any side-effects incidence because in a dentist clinic people are often initially monitored and screened prior to doing the teeth whitening procedure. Then the teeth bleaching process is customized according to the needs of each patient.

A professional dentist can check the reason for the discoloration of the teeth and determine whether it is an extrinsic stain or intrinsic stain and then carry out the treatment. Moreover, you should realize that at home teeth whitening kits and products are not more effective in cleaning stains from your tooth enamel, crowns, veneers, tooth fillings, and bonding or glue materials used to attach braces to your teeth.

First of all, the dentist will clean your teeth to remove accumulated tartar and plaque and to clean any cementing bonds that are left from wearing the braces. Once the teeth cleaning is done, the dentist can suggest you the best possible teeth whitening procedure for whitening your teeth.

Home teeth whitening like mouth trays and strips can just whiten the teeth’s outside surface, but it doesn’t whiten tooth enamel completely. Furthermore, home teeth whitening by means of mouth trays can be harmful if the whitening solution is accidentally swallowed. And also, you have to wait for several weeks or even a month to notice the visible results of bleaching.

Which dental office teeth whitening once the braces are removed is the best?

When it comes to whitening the discolored teeth, dental whitening is most effective. And one of the popular options is the in-office laser teeth whitening treatment.

First, the dentist will clean your teeth and then apply whitening gel on your teeth. Then, a laser light is pointed to your teeth. The laser light penetrates your tooth enamel and effectively works to clean the stains. With the laser teeth whitening dentist, you can get 6 to 8 shades whiter than the original teeth color. And it takes just about an hour to whiten your teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is one more in-office teeth whitening treatment. The procedure is similar to that of teeth bleaching, however, it is cheaper and doesn’t cost a lot. Also, zoom teeth whitening whitens your teeth by using a special zoom laser light.

Who can do whitening teeth after braces come off?

Any adults above 18 years of age can undergo dental teeth whitening safely. Kids should not whiten their teeth when their braces are removed because of the possibilities of complications from them. Children can opt for home teeth whitening toothpaste if they want, however, still the risk of complications would be there.

When can I begin my teeth whitening after braces removal?

The glue or cement that is used for fixing the braces on your teeth can stay on the tooth surface up to 4 weeks after the braces removed. If you perform bleaching before cleaning of all the cementing materials, then your whitened teeth can result in uneven whitening. Hence, wait for a month till the cement comes off completely on its own. Furthermore, wearing braces may have caused your teeth to become weakened and quick teeth whitening after the braces removal may not be good for your teeth.

Make sure that all of the cement materials are removed entirely from your teeth along with the braces. If they are not cleaned correctly, they can leave stains on your teeth.