What Is The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

emergency-dental-careThere are several ways to whiten your teeth at home itself. The best way to whiten your teeth at home is by making use of the regular things available at home and using them on your teeth. Here are the easy ways to whiten your teeth.

(1) Hydrogen peroxide

The dentist professionals use hydrogen peroxide for various dental problems. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the best ways to whiten your teeth at home as it removes the tooth stains very effectively.

Prepare a mixture of about 3 percent hydrogen peroxide together with water and use it to rinse your mouth. But, ensure that you only use two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide because if you use more, instead of cleansing, it could probably erode away your good tooth enamel, which helps your teeth stay whitened.

It is advised to brush your teeth before you use this concoction. And if you find the taste of the hydrogen peroxide mixture odd after spitting, then clean your mouth using water.

(2) Common salt

Readily available in the kitchen, this ingredient can provide you pearly white teeth. Salt contains abrasives, which, if mixed with baking soda can provide you quite amazing results. It is suggested that you take an equal amount of baking soda and common salt and mix it together. This mixture is the best way to whiten your teeth at home. To put this concoction onto your teeth, take your toothbrush and apply it like you usually brush your teeth.

(3) Teeth whitening toothpaste

Nowadays, there are various teeth whitening toothpaste and gels present in the grocery and drug stores which help to make your teeth whiter. By using them on a daily basis, you can whiten your teeth right at home. The alternative to making your teeth whiter without purchasing teeth whitening toothpaste is to use your usual toothpaste and mix it with the common baking powder. Within a week, you would get brighter, cleaner and whiter teeth naturally.

(4) Strawberries and chocolate syrup

Another best way to whiten your teeth at home is by using strawberries. The strawberries are natural teeth whiteners, which would do wonders to your teeth if combined with chocolate. Rather than visiting a dentist practitioner to achieve whiter teeth, you could do the magic using a handful of strawberries.

(5) Regularly floss

Develop a habit of flossing your teeth on a regular basis. It is also proven to keep your natural teeth color.

(6) Include crunchy fruits and vegetables

Avoid the food in your diet that could probably discolor your teeth. Include food items that could increase the saliva production in your mouth. This is the best way to make your teeth whiter at home. Include vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots, strawberries, pears, celery, etc in your diet for getting glossy white teeth in order to flaunt.

(7) Reduce tobacco intake

Tobacco is neither good for your teeth nor good for your health.

(8) Quit smoking

Smoking is one more habit, which could perhaps cause stained teeth. Stopping smoking is an exercise, which would tremendously benefit your teeth and also, your health.

(9) Chew sugar-free gums

Chewing sugar-free gums could enhance and retain your teeth’s white color.

These are some of the best ways to whiten your teeth at home. Use these methods and notice the difference you get in the appearance of your teeth.