What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Methods And Procedures

emergency-dental-careHere are the best teeth whitening methods approved by the American dental association (ADA):

(1) In-office teeth whitening procedures.

It is one of the best teeth bleaching procedures, which gives optimum results. In-office tooth whitening is actually performed under a professional dentist’s supervision.

The process is very popular because, under professional care, you are not likely to risk your teeth with any type of problems or infections. This treatment reduces any type of risks involved, but it is a costly way in order to get the results.

How is in office teeth whitening done?

In this system, the coarse material pumice stone is used to perfectly polish your teeth. The pumice stone works and cleans all the tartar that is formed onto your teeth.

Then, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is used as a bleaching solution for removing the yellow or brown stains from your teeth. Sometimes, heat is needed for aggravating the peroxide agents in order to make your teeth whiter. Hence, a laser light or curing light is used to whiten the teeth.

Once the required shade is achieved, your teeth would be cleaned in water, followed by some clinical application for relieving the tooth sensitivity because some people can possibly get tooth sensitivity.

Then, you would be asked to stop eating the food items for 24 hours that could probably re-discolor your teeth.

(2) In home teeth whitening system

The in-home bleaching method can treat the deposits of tartar or calculus. In this procedure, your teeth impressions are taken by the dentist who then, formulates a custom fitted tray. You have to wear this mouth tray for about 2-weeks regularly during the night for about 2-hours.

Actually, knowing how much time duration this mouth tray should be kept inside the mouth and for how many days depends on the person. This in-home tooth bleaching is also done under a dentist’s supervision.

(3) Best teeth whitening products over the counter

These products are self-controlled and they don’t need any dentist supervision. They can give you some good teeth whitening results. They are cheaper and cost effective. But, major risks are involved in choosing this type of treatment because it is not performed under any dentist supervision.

How long does teeth whitening last?

It is a lingering question, which most people ask themselves when they would like to undergo the teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening results are temporary. A normal teeth whitening treatment can last from one year to up to three years. But, it depends on each person. Usually, the whitening result won’t last as long if you drink coffee, tea, red wine or smoke, which can all discolor your teeth. Hence, you must take good dental care so that your teeth don’t get re-stained.

How to prevent teeth staining?

Here are some tips to avoid re-staining of teeth:

(1) Brush your teeth twice a day.

Thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day in order to protect your teeth from unwanted tartar deposit and to keep your teeth healthy.

(2) Floss your teeth regularly.

It is important to floss your teeth on a daily basis after brushing. American Dental Association (ADA) also recommends flossing your teeth once during the day.

(3) Visit your dentist regularly.

Frequent visits to your near me dentist also reduce the chances of your teeth getting re-stained. Getting regular teeth cleaning sessions from your dentists is also helpful.

(4) Inquire about your doubts.

Raise questions and doubts that you may have related to oral care with your professional dentist without hesitation.