Types Of Braces For Teeth – Teeth Straightening Options

emergency-dental-careMisaligned teeth or crooked teeth are in fact a hereditary trait. Crooked teeth can be because of various reasons. Some people’s teeth can grow crooked because of overcrowding of teeth resulting in the teeth to shift. Misaligned teeth can cause uneven bites which can even further cause pain when talking or chewing.

Braces for overbite in adults can help to fix misaligned teeth and restore normal bites. Fixing crooked teeth in adults is very important because it interferes with proper chewing. And also, it makes brushing the teeth and flossing difficult and thus, increasing the risk of plaque accumulation and tooth decay. Furthermore, crooked teeth strain the teeth, jaws, and muscles, making them vulnerable to breaking.

Why do people get braces to fix misaligned teeth?

Braces are the best teeth straightening options for adults, teens, and kids. Braces also called as dental braces or teeth braces are normally plastic or metal brackets with wires which are glued to your teeth for making them straighten. Braces shift misaligned or crooked teeth slowly to their initial alignment. Along with straightening the crooked teeth, they also mend oral health and function.

Braces are effective and best way to fix crooked teeth problem and they provide you the best healthiest results. Once you have finished wearing them, there is no maintenance needed. But, there are particular limitations about braces.

  • You may not feel comfortable wearing them.
  • It often needs long-term treatment up to three years, depending upon your crooked teeth’s severity.

But, these limitations can be ignored when compared to its huge advantages and results it gives to its customers.

Different types of braces and their uses

For crooked teeth, braces are the ultimate solution. You don’t need dental surgery to fix crooked teeth because braces effectively work to treat crooked teeth alignment. But, it is very vital to select the suitable type of braces for getting the best results.

There are some braces created especially for adults, teens, and children. Hence, kid’s braces cannot be appropriate for adults. In addition, these days, braces come in different fashion and stylish designs to develop confidence and beauty to its users. While there are traditional metal braces for fixing uneven teeth, there are also new invisible and plastic braces available in the market. So, selecting the right braces becomes important to get success in the braces treatment.

(1) Metal braces for teeth

The cheapest and commonest braces are the metal braces or stainless steel braces. They are effective too. Metal braces for adults, teens, and kids can be obtained in plated gold color or traditional silver color braces. To get more beauty, teens can select brackets in beautiful shapes like hearts, stars, and diamonds, etc.

  • Self-ligating brackets – No metal ties are needed.
  • Viazi Braces – Treatment is faster and braces use lesser force.

(2) Ceramic braces

These braces are tooth colored and they are less noticeable. Braces are glass like which have greater strength. Ceramic brackets are stain resistant and blend in with your teeth color without notice.

(3) Sapphire Braces

These braces are very strong, translucent, stain resistance and are made of pure Monocrystalline Sapphire. Like ceramic braces, they are also less noticeable.

(4) Teeth Invisalign braces

These braces are best if you have minor crooked problems. Invisalign braces are custom made plastic trays which work to provide the best results. They are irritation free, stain free and invisible braces for fixing crooked teeth.

(5) Lingual braces

These are metal braces that are fitted behind your teeth. And they are invisible.