Tray Teeth Whitening Reviews – Gel Tray Whitening

teeth-whitening-with-dentistHave you ever pondered over the question – Why do teeth turn black?

Teeth discoloration must not be taken lightly. There are various reasons for why do teeth turn black at the gum line. Here are the most usual reasons:

  • Heredity
  • Intake of staining substances like coffee, colas, and tea
  • Tetracycline (antibiotic) staining
  • Excessive fluoride and consumption of abrasives which causes dentin exposure and results in severe discoloration
  • Old fillings
  • Aging

Toothpaste that contains whitening agents can reduce the stain that is on your teeth surface. This situation is also coined from dentist’s professionals as extrinsic stains. But, teeth whitening toothpaste and professional dental cleanings will not change the intrinsic stains on your teeth. This is the reason why teeth whitening or tooth bleaching are very popular.

Generally, the best dentist teeth whitening treatment is categorized into two:

(1) Professional teeth whitening system

This is normally done by dentists by means of whitening gels and laser for activating the solution. This is usually done inside the dental clinic.

(2) Home remedy teeth whitening to clean stained teeth

This could be performed in-between appointments of dentist treatments using teeth whitening kits and mouth tray based whitening techniques. Or, it could be done by just using home based remedies from kitchen items. These treatments are normally done at home and as recommended by dentists and/or by the product’s guidelines.

Here is the 4-step procedure to know how tray based teeth whitening technique works:

(1) A teeth whitening gel is poured all over the dental tray that just fits over your teeth.

(2) The active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, present in the gel, breaks down so that the oxygen is able to enter your tooth enamel for bleaching the stained areas.

(3) From this, the physical structure of each tooth is not really lightened. Fillings, crowns, and bonding will not get transformed, but the colored substances will.

(4) The impressions or casts of the bleaching tray are customized by the dentist professional. The accuracy of the teeth whitening mouth tray is critical to the treatment.

Here are follow-up questions many people are curious about tray based teeth whitening:

(1) How safe are the teeth whitening from dentist with tray?

A lot of dentist professionals agree that teeth whitening tray kits are relatively safe, fast, and gives easy ways to whiten teeth between three and five shades in just a few days.

(2) How teeth tray for whitening is different from other professional whitening systems?

Here is a list of some tray based teeth whitening products dentists choose for their professional teeth bleaching system. The type of whitening laser or light is enclosed in parenthesis:

(1) LaserSmile teeth whitening (A Biolase laser)

(2) LumaArch bleaching system (halogen lamp light)

(3) Britesmile teeth whitening (gas plasma light technology or LED – light emitting diode)

(4) Zoom laser teeth whitening (metal halide lamps light)

(5) Rembrandt Sapphire teeth whitening (Plasma Arc Light (PAC))

Usually, the laser treatment is performed by putting a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide gel-based whitening solution on your teeth. After applying the solution on your teeth surface, a laser light is pointed several inches away from your mouth for activating the hydrogen peroxide component of the gel.

Many dentists and manufacturers advertise that this method performs better than the tray teeth whitening. But, there are no real data completed for supporting their claims

In fact, after a year of normal lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee, colas, tea, smoking, etc, treatments using a whitening gel and laser are disregarded. To get the same treatment again, this will cost you one more $500 or more.

But, with the dental custom tray mouthpieces, you can get your normal lifestyle routines for a year and do touch-ups one day roughly otherwise every 3 to 6 months to take off the new stain cheaply.