Things To Know About The Cost Of Teeth Whitening

teeth-whitening-with-dentistWhether you want to get a smile makeover for your prom evening, or are simply self-conscious as cigarette smoking or drinking coffee have caused you discolored and yellow teeth, teeth whitening treatments will definitely brighten your smile. And, as a result, you can achieve an additional boost to your self-confidence.

Here is the basic information about the nature of teeth whitening, techniques of teeth whitening methods and its categories, and how much does it cost to get your teeth whitened.

What is teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening process lies under the subject of cosmetic dentistry. The procedure itself removes discolorations and other stains on your teeth caused due to coffee, tea, smoking, and various other lifestyle related hobbies. Furthermore, the tooth whitening process can also brighten up other normal teeth pigmentations.

The extent to which, the appearance of the teeth can be improved and the success of the whitening treatment depends on the severity and the nature of the teeth discoloration and the stains. Normally, discoloration due to smoking, coffee, or tea will whiten between 4 and 5 shades. Furthermore, stains that are caused because of hereditary factors and antibiotics, which is natural pigmentation, can brighten up between 2 and 3 shades after the teeth whitening remedies.

The whitening teeth treatment can be categorized into two:

(1) Professional teeth whitening system

This is typically done by dentists using lasers and whitening gels in order to activate the whitening solution. This is generally performed inside the dental clinic.

(2) Home remedy teeth whitening

This can be performed in-between appointments of dentist professional treatments by means of teeth whitening kits and mouth tray-based teeth whitening techniques. Or, it can be done by just using home-based remedies from your kitchen. These applications are normally carried out at-home and according to the frequency recommended by the dentist professional and/or by the product’s instructions.

Nevertheless, after performing these teeth whitening treatments, your teeth will be brighter and noticeable. However, as there are a lot of over the counter teeth whitening products and DIY teeth whitening kits or home remedies to whiten teeth instantly, consulting a dentist professional is the only way to validate the hundreds of claims of these teeth whitening remedies.

How much does teeth whitening cost at the dentist?

Aside from your available time and your temperament, you should also consider teeth cleaning and whitening cost. The truth is dentist teeth whitening cost depends upon the nature of teeth whitening method you employ.

The cost of in-office teeth whitening procedures typically lays between $650 and $2000. However, at home-based, custom designed, bleaching trays from dentist cost between $100 and $400. Homemade remedies for whitening your teeth are often cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening

Any teeth whitening method applied to your tooth’s surface will certainly give you a brighter, white teeth, and hopefully, a sparkling and shiny smile. However, the length of the time before you achieve the desired results varies. Professional teeth whitening techniques give you relatively quick results as compared to home-based remedies and over the counter teeth whitening kits and paints.

However, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide based gels used in the above-mentioned teeth whitening methods causes your teeth to temporarily become sensitive to hot and cold food, drinks, and sometimes even during exposure to air.

Customized mouth trays, designed by a dentist, for teeth whitening, can cause oversensitivity of your healthy gums. Furthermore, teeth whitening kits that are purchased even without the dentist prescription can tear down your tooth enamel and make it thinner and thinner. And this will cause tooth dentin exposed, which can, in turn, be severely stained.

These things, evidently, will amount to the cost of getting that shiny, smile makeover.