The Best 12 Home Remedies For A Toothache

emergency-dental-careA toothache ailment can affect your daily life.

A deep dental caries or tooth decay can cause an extreme pain in your tooth. When the microorganisms invade your pulp chamber or the root canal, you feel an excruciating tooth pain.

A toothache can suddenly happen. In such situations, you can follow the below natural home remedies for a really bad toothache for reducing the pain rather than choosing the over the counter medications.  Home remedies for a toothache pain using herbs can alleviate your toothache without causing any side-effects.

However, the best home remedies for a bad toothache is to take good care of your teeth and keep healthy oral hygiene such as rinsing, brushing, flossing, etc.

What are some home remedies for a toothache?

Here are the best 12 home remedies for a severe toothache you can follow:

(1) Use ice cubes.

Do ice cubes help a toothache? One of the best at home remedies for a toothache is to put ice cubes or an ice pack on your aching tooth directly. This can provide you fast relief by numbing the pain in your tooth. Furthermore, ice cubes also stop gums swelling. This remedy can give you quick results.

(2) Clove oil for a toothache

Mix the whole cloves in the clove oil and then, blend them thoroughly in the blender to get a clear liquid. Use this liquid to relieve a toothache whenever you require it.

(3) Vanilla extract for tooth pain

Using vanilla extract is one more remedy to reduce a toothache. With a cotton swab put the vanilla extract into your teeth and gums. This will slowly alleviate your pain with time.

(4) Garlic clove for a toothache

How to use garlic and salt for a toothache?

  • Chew some garlic in the morning to get relief from tooth pain.
  • You can grind the garlic and make into a paste and eat along with your salads or sandwiches.
  • You can also take a garlic clove along with some salt and put it on top of your aching tooth. It can reduce your pain and can also cure your tooth infection.

(5) Wheatgrass for a toothache

How to stop a toothache instantly? Chew wheatgrass as it helps to eliminate toxins from your decayed tooth and therefore, prevents any gum infections or tooth infections. You can also use wheatgrass juice as a natural mouthwash.

(6) Onion kills bacteria

Chew on onion slices or just include some onions in your food. Onions are known to prevent any tooth pains and dental cavities. To alleviate a toothache, you can place an onion slice on your affected tooth and it will immediately allay your pain.

(7) Peppermint extracts for a toothache

How to make tooth pain go away fast? You can get instant relief from a toothache by drinking a mixture of water and peppermint.

(8) Asafetida for a toothache

How to use asafetida for a toothache? Pestle asafetida in the lemon juice and slightly heat. Take a cotton swab and soak in this liquid and then, put it on your aching tooth having a cavity. You can get quick relief from tooth pain.

(9) Chew guava leaves

What’s good for a toothache? In the morning with an empty stomach or before you eat something, chew guava leaves. It is another effective home remedy you can do for a toothache.

(10) Spinach leaves for a toothache

The benefit of spinach leaves on a toothache is that it makes your gums strong, prevents halitosis (bad breath), and can provide you an instant relief to your tooth pain without causing any side effects.

(11) Bayberry bark powder

Grind the bayberry bark along with vinegar and make a paste. Then, put this paste all over your toothache. You can get relief in a minute.

What to do for a toothache?

In order to get an immediate relief from a toothache, maintain a good oral hygiene and follow the above simple, natural home remedies for a cavity toothache.