Teeth Whitening At Home Tips And Remedies To Avoid Costs

emergency-dental-carePrevention is always better than cure. This saying also stands true for whitening your teeth.

Always take proper care of your teeth so that you can stop your teeth from getting discolored. Here are some of the best home teeth whitening methods:

(1) Brushing and flossing techniques

To prevent your teeth from getting stained, it is very important that you brush your teeth on a daily basis. It is seen that the people who brush their teeth after having meal have sparkling, bright white teeth.

Even brushing the teeth twice a day, if not after each meal, and then followed by flossing will make your teeth color white that you always desired to get. Usually, most people tend to undermine the advantages of flossing, but to get pearly and shiny, white teeth, you need to regularly floss.

(2) Know what you drink.

Cola – Cola’s are carbonated drinks that could affect your teeth. The fact of the matter is that if you put a tooth in the carbonated drink and keep it aside overnight, then the next morning, the tooth won’t be visible to you. The reason is the tooth would have got dissolved in the carbonated drink.

Coffee – Whether it is a black coffee or dark coffee, it is a bad news for your teeth color. Coffee can easily discolor your teeth. To reduce the risk of your teeth getting stained, drink a glass of water soon after having a cup of coffee.

Red wine – Red wine is one more drink you must discard if you need to get pearly bright teeth. Red wine contains acids which would wash away the tooth enamel and expose the underneath yellow tint and hence, giving your teeth a yellow color. Hence, it is better to discard red wines. This is one more home teeth whitening tips that you could be alert at home.

Cranberry juice – Cranberry juice contains pigments, which are naturally highly concentrated. The sugar content in it also results in teeth getting yellow color. Avoiding cranberry juice is a better alternative in order to get the bright, white teeth that you always desired to have.

(3) Do it yourself teeth bleaching kits

Nowadays, there are a number of DIY teeth whitening kits available in the market and drug stores, which usually don’t cause any side effects. You may choose any of these over the counter teeth whitening kits and try them yourself at home. These DIY teeth whitening kits contain whitening agents, so make sure that you don’t over bleach. It is always good, to begin with, a milder teeth whitening product before you move on to the strong kit.

(4) Quick teeth whitening home remedies

Mix baking soda with some salt or strawberries. Then apply the mixture onto your teeth. Within a week, you will be getting bright, white teeth.

Before brushing your teeth, brush it gently using the banana peel. It also makes sure that you get sparkling white teeth naturally.

You can mix your regular toothpaste, along with baking soda in order to make a home teeth whitening solution.

(5) Use your teeth only for eating

Most people have a habit of using their teeth to open things like plastic packets. But, this can also attribute to teeth getting stained. Use the teeth just for eating and not for any other purpose.