Teeth Straightening Options For Adults With And Without Braces

emergency-dental-careStraight teeth can get twisted due to crooked teeth. The problem generally happens at adulthood age. Here are different teeth straightening options for adults.

How to straighten teeth without braces for adults

(1) Invisalign Braces

Invisalign helps to straighten teeth without braces. They are removable and invisible. As the retainer is removable, you can remove it while eating, drinking, and socializing with other people. Invisalign braces are commonly applied during almost all adult’s oral problems. The Invisalign retainer is worn for 2-weeks and it straightens the crooked teeth over one to two years.

(2) Inman aligner braces

The fastest way to straighten your teeth without braces is by using an Inman aligner. While this retainer can just straighten the teeth’s front section, however, it shows the best result in six weeks.  Inman aligner is custom-made.

(3) Crown braces

Without the braces, dental crowns can straighten the misaligned teeth visually. It can correct the crooked teeth by using a straight crown.

(4) Porcelain veneers on crooked teeth

Porcelain veneers don’t straighten the crooked teeth but it provides a delusion of a perfect teeth. They are positioned at the teeth’s front surface so as to create a straight teeth appearance. Porcelain veneers can improve the shape and color of your teeth. Made of ultra-thin porcelain, its duration is very less.

Best teeth straightening options for adults with braces

(1) Metal braces for adults

A commonly used brace for teeth straightening is the metal braces. These metal braces give a better control for movement of teeth compared to any other tooth straightening technologies. Metal braces work faster and don’t cost a lot. You can make the metal brace funkier by placing colored elastics around the braces of metal brackets.

(2) Ceramic braces adults

They are made from ceramic materials or plastic polymer. They are positioned in the teeth’s upper front section and are less visible. Ceramic braces are breakable. It breaks more, hence, you must replace it again.

(3) Sequential plastic aligners

It is used to straighten crooked teeth without any braces or wires and they are removable plastic aligners.

They are applied in series. When another sequential series of aligners is being replaced, the teeth are moved bit by bit through a week to week and the end result will be a straightened tooth. They are less visible as they are made from the clear material.

The removable brackets must be applied in a sequential series with the prescribed quantity so as to get the best results. With this type of braces, you will not have any difficulty when taking food.

(4) Lingual braces

These braces are made from metals which are normally placed on the tongue side, behind the teeth. They are less visible and the movement of the tooth is widely achieved.

(5) Sapphire teeth braces

Sapphire dental braces are made from Monocrystalline sapphire. They are less visible, very clear and functions are similar to ceramic braces.

(6) Fixed braces for adults

Also known as train track braces, fixed braces are made from small sized brackets that are attached to your teeth. They are available in the form of ceramic, metal and plastic braces.