Reasons For Bad Mouth Smell In Children

teeth-whitening-with-dentistBad breath affects children also.

Many children’s are affected by tooth decays than any other contagious diseases. Oral problems cause a toothache in children when they are chewing, playing and speaking. Some of the common dental problems in children are gum disease, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, and teething. However, these dental problems in children are treatable.

One of the dental health problems mentioned above is bad breath. So, here are the main reasons for bad breath in kids.

What causes bad breath in children?

(1) Not brushing the teeth regularly

One of the common reasons for children having bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Children who don’t brush their teeth regularly results in bad breath.

Brushing and flossing irregularly allow the food particles to attach to the teeth. And the anaerobic bacteria begin feeding on this food particles. When children don’t brush and floss regularly, the food particles get stuck in the crevices (Tonsillitis) of those children and results in bad breath.

(2) Breathing from the mouth

Breathing through the mouth is also known as dry mouth. The process of mouth breathing involves children exhale and inhale from their mouth. This kind of breathing normally happens when the child is sleeping.

During the night, a lot of children inhale and exhale through their mouth and this mouth breathing process dries up saliva causing dry mouth. This results in bad breath in the night as well as morning. Children who have the habit of sucking their thumb also suffer from the problem of mouth breathing.

(3) Gum disease and tooth decay

Gum disease and tooth decay produce bacteria inside the mouth, which leads to bad breath in children.

(4) Acid flux (Heartburn)

In the acid flux condition, the stomach acid rises upwards to the esophagus and results in bad breath in children. Toddlers are mainly affected by acid reflux.

(5) Allergies

Another reason for bad breath in children can be some seasonal allergies. Allergies produce mucus that is accumulated behind the child’s tongue and is known as allergic post nasal drip. Mucus shelters bacteria from its blanket-like cover. Hence, it causes bad breath in children.

(6) Nasal blockage

Many times children intend to shove things like a pea, lima bean, and corn inside their nose. This kind of foreign body can jam the nasal passage and result in nose infection. During this condition, a decayed foul smell emits out from their mouth and nose.

How to eliminate bad breath in children

Here are the remedies for bad breath in children.

(1) Maintain a proper oral hygiene

The best treatment for bad breath in kids is to maintain a good oral hygiene. Brushing 2-times a day will stop the plaque formation and remove bacteria from the mouth. Children must floss once a day and do tongue scraping using a tongue scraper.

Teenagers can choose to chew sugar-free gums after having a meal. The chewing gum helps to stimulate more saliva, which stops bad breath and dry mouth. Furthermore, children must use toothpaste that contains fluoride and baking soda. This kind of toothpaste will prevent bad breath by making the tooth enamel stronger.

(2) Change the diet

Bad breath in children can also be caused due to diet. White bread, sugary food, and carbohydrates help in the plaque formation inside the mouth.

A child must consume whole grains, vegetables, berries, fruits and sugarless yogurt to stop bad breath. Other types of food also help in preventing bad breath like apples, pears, mint, carrots and cinnamon.

Consult a medical professional

Kids who are suffering from a critical infection of sinus, mouth sores or tonsil can suffer from bad breath. In such scenarios, it is best to consult a medical professional.