Professional Teeth Whitening System For Whitened Teeth

teeth-whitening-with-dentistDental whitening or teeth bleaching is an effective way of whitening your teeth’s natural color. Using bleaching agents, at home teeth whitening can be done or in office teeth whitening can be carried out. However, the most efficient, accurate, fastest and safest way to whiten your teeth is professional teeth whitening.

Professional dental whitening is more effective and precise than most of the best at home teeth whitening kits because home whitening kits use a small amount of bleaching agents. The results you get from professional whitening treatment are immediate and provide you professional whitened teeth.

There are some at-home whitening kits available like whitening strips, toothpaste, bleaching gels and mouth trays. However, they don’t give desired, satisfied results. Professional whitening can give 6 to 7 times whitened teeth compared to at-home products.

Because the cost of professional teeth whitening seems pricey, most people choose at-home teeth whitening kits. However, they fail to effectively whiten their teeth. Here are 3 types of best professional teeth whitening procedure.

(1) Professional laser teeth whitening

By using laser teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening can be accomplished. The most effective method for whitening your teeth is the laser teeth whitening and it is also the most popular whitening method. It is done by a professional dentist. A laser light is directed to penetrate the tooth enamel. The mouth, gums, and lips are protected by the laser light from applying the protecting gel. And the eyes are also protected from eye goggles.

The dentist professional will put in a bleaching gel over your teeth and after that, a laser light is pointed onto your teeth. The laser light penetrates the tooth enamel and makes the crystals in the gel to eliminate the stains. This method can eliminate almost all stains and this process takes just an hour to finish. The good thing about dentist laser teeth whitening is it provides you an immediate whitened teeth.

(2) Zoom professional teeth whitening system

Zoom teeth whitening is one more professional teeth whitening for whitening teeth. The zoom whitening procedure is safe, effective, and fast. This process involves using a zoom whitening specials bleaching gel and using a laser light to penetrate the tooth enamel for whitening your teeth and making it brighter. They give you instant whitened teeth and are very effective.

(3) At-home teeth whitening

You can also perform professional teeth whitening at home, but only under the assistance of a dentist professional. Your dentist can guide you in having a professional whitening kit. It contains a mouth tray which is used along with a bleaching gel. The mouth tray is custom made from your dentist so that it can properly fit your teeth. However, you will need to often visit your dentist professional to make sure about the end result of the at-home treatment.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

There are some disadvantages with professional teeth whitening processes. Professional whitening systems make use of high concentration of hydrogen peroxide as their bleaching agents. And this can be harmful to the mouth, teeth or gums.

Whitening the teeth can erode the tooth enamel and make it become thinner. Tooth enamel protects the teeth from plaque and bacteria. Hence, when the tooth enamel gets thinner from whitening teeth, it increases the risks of growing bacterial infections and plaque.

Using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide as bleaching agents can result in teeth and gum sensitivity to hot and cold fluids. This can also lead to certain gum diseases such as gingivitis. And there is also an increased risk of cavities. Sometimes there are possibilities of soreness of the mouth and the gums.

Teeth whitening is not suitable for children, pregnant women, and patients who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide and chemicals used in teeth whitening.