My Teeth Moved After Braces Will Retainer Fix It

emergency-dental-careTeeth moving after braces off can be a difficult task for the people. To stop teeth from moving it is recommended by the orthodontists that soon after removing the braces, you must start to wear retainers.

The retainers stop the teeth from moving really well. Although with age, it is a tendency for the teeth to move a little bit, but this tendency cannot be prevented because it is natural for the teeth to move. Hence, you need to be very careful and cautious about the teeth shifting once the braces are removed.

It is seen that there is always a little bit movement that occurs after removing the braces, or in most of the cases within 3-weeks of taking off the braces.

Some people have a tendency to clench their teeth unconsciously during the night time. An important thing to be noted here is that this shifting tendency of the teeth would finally destroy all the work done by the braces when the braces were placed on your teeth.

How to fix shifting teeth after braces are removed?

As mentioned in the beginning itself, the dentist prescribes their customers to use retainers to prevent their teeth from moving and to not make the amount of work that the braces had done on their teeth worthless. The teeth shifting once the braces are removed might break your heart because if it’s not correctly taken care of, the same might make your teeth brittle or less straighten and the teeth restructuring that was given to you by the braces.

How to put on a retainer?

The retainer is placed on the back of your teeth and is placed on the top. The retainers also demand very much of your care just like the attention that you had given to the braces. The retainers have to be really well taken care of.

The first step to take care of your teeth is by properly cleaning them. After that, you would be needed to do some flossing along with the help of self-threading floss. This self-threading floss is also used for cleaning the braces. It is supposedly a nifty selection because this help to avoid any food to get stuck in between your teeth, which ultimately, make your teeth vulnerable to form cavities or tooth decay.

If your orthodontist feels that there is a grave chance of teeth shifting once braces are removed, the appropriate suggestion from them would be to use retainers to straighten your teeth, at the top back of your teeth. In this way, you would not have to take chances upon the amount of work that has been done already by the braces on your teeth. Thus, it is also guaranteed that the teeth shifting are restricted after braces are removed.

How to prevent teeth from shifting after braces

You can also consider the following to stop teeth moving once the braces are removed:

  • Don’t have hard food items.
  • For the initial 20 days of time, have only soft food items.