Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment To Whiten Your Teeth In An Hour

emergency-dental-careThe teeth become darker and duller with age. This can be because of changes in the mineral content of the tooth enamel or because of some gum diseases.

The stained teeth are usually seen in people who chew tobacco and smoke. And even the antibiotics can make the tooth enamel lose its brightness.

What is laser teeth whitening?

It is a teeth whitening treatment where whitening gel and a laser light is used. In cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening laser treatment is the most popular method.

The laser teeth whitening treatment is an in-office tooth whitening process. Here a whitening gel is put on your teeth, and then, a beam of laser light is focused for activating the whitening gel. The crystals in the whitening gel are activated by the LED laser light, which then penetrates the tooth enamel. This increases the teeth’s brightness look.

What are the available types of laser teeth whitening?

Here are the 2 types of laser teeth whitening methods:

At-home teeth whitening – A bleaching or whitening gel is used along with a fitted tray and strips. In-home teeth whitening can be performed at home but needs a lot of time and work.

In-office teeth whitening – A whitening or bleaching gel is used along with a laser light that penetrates the tooth enamel. It is normally done by a professional dentist.

The benefits of laser teeth whitening

It is a good option for people having a sensitive tooth. Performing at-home teeth whitening method can have some bad side effects on the teeth because of the continuous application of the whitening gel and solutions.

The laser treatment is a fast process and can be finished within 1 or 2 hours. Due to its speed, simple process and because it is painless, laser teeth whitening treatment is becoming increasingly popular. You can see the quick results once the treatment is finished, unlike other teeth bleaching treatments, where you have to wait for several months in order to notice the results.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening

It is not recommended for kids with antibiotics like tetracycline.

It is just good for light discolored teeth, which can whiten your teeth that can last for a minimum of 4 years.

With the laser teeth whitening treatment, only a limited life of white teeth is possible. Extra whitening sessions can be needed to be done at an interval of two to three years. This can depend on the expertise of the dentist who did your previous teeth whitening and also depends on your food and drinking habits.

Laser treatment may not be a perfect option for you if your teeth and gums are sensitive to whitening gel and laser light. You may experience irritation of the teeth and gums. Moreover, laser teeth whitening cost more compared to other teeth whitening treatments and kits. Therefore, the cost can be a disadvantage for you. Also, the laser treatment may not be available in most of the dentist clinics.

The cost of laser teeth whitening treatment increases depending on the various other treatments required by you.

Laser teeth whitening procedure may not be effective for severely stained teeth. In such cases, better options like veneers or crowns are available. And at-home mouth trays can make you uncomfortable when you wear in the mouth.

The laser teeth whitening procedure:

First, the dentist will clean your teeth for removing plaques and germs from your mouth so that this doesn’t interfere with the treatment.

Next, a whitening gel is put to your tooth enamel. Then, a beam of laser light is focused onto your teeth. This led light gets absorbed, and eventually, activate the crystals present in the whitening gel. This helps to clean the stains from the teeth and your original white teeth color gets restored.

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