Laser Teeth Whitening New York City – How To Prepare

emergency-dental-careMany people take up the teeth whitening treatment when their teeth become yellow. The stained teeth are caused because of food, smoking, medications, chemicals and aging.

Now with the new technology, teeth whitening can be easily performed and you can get your natural teeth color. And in some cases, you can get your teeth whitened beyond its natural white color.

Laser teeth whitening procedure can fix certain types of brown, yellow and spotted tooth discoloration and it is suitable for all people. This is a better option to restore the brightness of your teeth and bring your smile alive.

Laser teeth whitening New York is done in dentist clinics using a real laser system from LaserSmile and Opus 10.  Once the teeth whitening is done, a laser light is pointed. Here are the benefits of laser teeth whitening system.

Here are the benefits of laser teeth whitening system:

  • It is gentlest and much faster compared to a non-laser teeth whitening system. The laser application just takes less than 20 minutes of gel to tooth contact time, whereas ordinary system takes 60 minutes.
  • In laser system, you don’t have to wear the mouth tray overnight, but in the ordinary whitening system, you have to wear the tray overnight.
  • The laser system has faster treatment time and less post-treatment sensitivity because laser system contains more efficient laser energy because of precise wavelengths.

Before undergoing the laser teeth whitening treatment, here are the things you must consider:

Laser whitening for teeth is not recommended for smokers and alcohol drinkers. You must avoid it before undergoing the whitening process. Smoking damages the gums and tissue of teeth. It can trounce the teeth whitening effect. The perfect customers for laser teeth whitening are those whose teeth are stained due to tobacco, aging, or coffee.

Extensive composite and porcelain or metal restorations. A pre-existing restoration like veneers, crowns, bridges, fillings and bonding are not suitable for teeth bleaching. Rather, it will be replaced in-match with your newly whitened shade color.

Translucent teeth and former existing sensitive. Most people who undergo laser teeth whitening will feel the teeth sensitive pain for a few days. However, when the bleaching process is almost finished, the pain will just ease. Some of the translucent teeth can look darker after whitening.

Exposed yellow in gingival third and amalgam in front teeth restoration. For teeth whitening, amalgam replacement is needed. And also, it is needed to have a protected prognosis to perform teeth whitening to prevent the greening effect.

Noncompliance or unrealistic expectation. The level of teeth whiteness differs between each person. Furthermore, the color shade change result depends on your reaction to the teeth whitening agent. Some people may react to the whitening agent, while others may not.

Here are types of teeth whitening:

(1) In-office teeth whitening

It only takes an hour to complete the laser teeth whitening. And also, the in-office tooth whitening makes sure that proper examination is done before the bleaching treatment so that proper safety measure like damming gum like is done before the teeth whitening gel is applied.

(2) Take home tooth whitening

Using this take home teeth whitening kit is different from its overnight application of a treatment done twice-a-day

The laser teeth whitening system is popular in New York. The reason is it is recommended by the ADA, CE, and FDA. It is much safer than the other teeth whitening system and people are satisfied with the good results of it.