How To Use Crest White Strips – Crest Teeth Whitening

teeth-whitening-with-dentistGetting that dazzling smile is on everybody’s wish list. And most people are either disappointed with their smile or are simply too shy to display their teeth in front of a camera.

Before, getting the teeth whitening process could be performed only by the dentist professional. However, now, there is no need to undergo that most expensive teeth whitening system. The only thing you need is to get the best over the counter teeth whitening kit.

One such dental white teeth whitening kit is the Crest Whitestrips Supreme professional whitening strips.

It’s a type of strips teeth whitening system. Normally, a pack worth $50 contains 84 strips – 42 strips for the lower teeth and 42 strips for the upper teeth. If you follow the guidelines correctly, then you can make use of that 1-box for more than 30 days. And the teeth of yours will be at least two shades whiter in the initial month itself.

Crest Whitestrips Supreme includes about 100mg of gel with 14-percent hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution. It is about 16mg of hydrogen peroxide on each strip, upper and lower. If you consistently use the Whitestrips 2-times a day for 21 days, then the strips can eliminate about twenty years of stains from your teeth.

If you compare the Crest Whitestrips supreme with the regular Crest Whitestrips, you will see that the new Crest Whitestrips Supreme is 50 percent thinner. And it is still 80-percent more effective. The thin strips protect your gums from getting more exposed to the hydrogen peroxide and therefore, allowing your gums to have less irritation.

The whitening strips, though, only perform with natural teeth and don’t work with crowns, veneers, caps, fillings, etc.

Most of the commercial products available in the market today are either very cheap and don’t end up performing well or most of them are just fake Crest Whitestrips and commercial scams. And you can be convinced about the product only after the Crest Whitestrips usage.

Crest teeth whitening strips how to use:

Here is a 3 – step process on how to put on Crest Whitestrips supreme:

  • You must avoid all sorts of teas, sodas or coffees from about normally a 1-hour before in order to get the best results.
  • You only need to peel the strips off and place them ever so gently over your teeth, both your lower teeth and upper teeth.
  • Now you should put the strips on your teeth for at least 30-minutes so that they perform their best.
  • Then, you must put the strips down and brush your teeth.

Following the above Crest Whitestrips before and after procedure will allow you to get the best results. And you get to notice the good results for yourself only after doing this for a week.

There are lots of users who are extremely happy by using crest Whitestrips. And the many users who are not satisfied with Crest Whitestrips results have only used the strips twice a week instead of twice a day. Therefore, in order to get the best results, bleach 2-times a day for 30-minutes a time or else, in the end, it would just be a waste of your 50 dollars.

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