How To Get White Teeth Naturally From Yellow

teeth-whitening-with-dentistThe cosmetic dentistry field provides a stream of teeth whitening products and formulas in order to get a dazzling whiter smile. But, what if, you can get the same similar effect naturally at home. Here is how to get whiter teeth fast naturally.

How to whiten your teeth naturally?

If stains have grown on your teeth, perhaps because of intake of tobacco, or due to excess intake of coffee or tea or else just because of age, then you probably need the best teeth whitening procedures. Here are some of the effective techniques to learn how to whiten naturally yellow teeth and recover that pearly white smile.

(1) Eat fruits and veggies

In order to naturally whiten teeth, consuming foods that naturally whiten teeth can be very helpful. Munching on the crunchy and crisp carrots or the celery in the salads, or the apples can naturally give you brighter white teeth.

The another fruit which can certainly whiten your teeth naturally is the strawberry. A strawberry can act as a natural toothbrush. The process is to take a strawberry and rub it onto your teeth gently similar to a brush. And soon you will be able to see the difference in your teeth color.

(2) Teeth whitening DIY (Do it yourself)

You can obtain the best DIY teeth whitening products from your dentist professional and use these kits to naturally whiten your teeth. These can effectively whiten your teeth and are extremely easy to use.

(3) Get rid of smoking

If you really need to know the answer for how to make your teeth white fast naturally, then you must eliminate the habit of smoking if you have.

(4) Bleach

Combine baking soda with your toothpaste and apply onto the teeth to get perfect radiant teeth. This process will take around 10 days to show its optimum results.

(5) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Using apple cider vinegar is another best way to naturally whiten teeth since apple cider vinegar is known to remove stains on the teeth and kill bacteria responsible for gum disease inside the mouth.

However, you need to be consistent and it may take around 20 days of regular usage to see your teeth look like professionally cleaned. Make sure you brush again with normal toothpaste after you brush with ACV because ACV is acid-forming and it can remove your tooth enamel as well.

(6) Avoid too much snacking

Snacking while having meals can discolor your teeth. And even snacking before sleeping is not regarded as good because the saliva that is generated on the night will be comparatively less.

(7) Chew sugarless gums

Chewing gum produces saliva which is good for keeping a good oral health. Lots of chewing gums are available which claim to naturally whiten the teeth. Buy them at a store nearest to your place and you probably don’t need an answer for how to make teeth white naturally from yellow.

(8) Avoid teeth staining agents

The best way to whiten your teeth naturally is to consciously protect your teeth and avoid teeth staining agents like coffee, tea, blueberries, tobacco, etc.

The other prerequisites of whitening your teeth naturally are to maintain a proper oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing the teeth on a regular basis. Once the teeth get white, try to maintain that color.