How To Get Rid Of Chronic Bad Breath Even After Brushing My Teeth

emergency-dental-careHalitosis or bad breath is a common problem. It is simply due to bad or unhygienic oral care.

Halitosis is often associated with an unclean mouth during which bacterial plaque constantly gathers in the mouth and teeth. Food debris stuck in-between the teeth can decay and produce a foul mouth smell if they are not removed. Some bad breath can be cured with brushing and cleaning mouth on a daily basis, but there are some people who suffer from chronic bad breath even after brushing teeth.

This type of constant bad breath even after brushing teeth can be because of some undiagnosed teeth diseases or can be because of some underlying health ailments. On certain times, bad breath can be due to broken tooth that traps food particles or because of tooth decay. To cure bad breath, it is crucial to know what can cause bad breath even after brushing.

What causes bad breath even after brushing?

Here are the causes of constant bad breath:

(1) Dental caries

If you are having a constant bad breath even after regular brushing teeth and flossing, then it can be because of the bacterial cavity. Check for cavities in your teeth because cavities can inflame the gums and produce bad breath.

(2) Broken tooth

Broken or cracked tooth and dental fillings can make the food particles stick in-between the teeth. Food pieces stuck in-between the teeth can’t be cleaned from brushing. You need to select the tooth to clean lumps of food debris or forcefully floss to remove it out from the teeth. Clogged food pieces between the teeth can rot and produce a foul smell.

(3) Medical conditions

Underlying illness can also cause regular chronic mouth smell. Medical problems like diabetes, chronic bronchitis, chronic respiratory and sinus infections, and gastrointestinal problems can cause chronic bad breath even after regular brushing teeth.

(4) Medications

Some medications and drugs can also cause chronic bad breath in some people. Check your medicines because some drugs can make your mouth dry and reduce saliva production in the mouth. Drying of the mouth is the main reason for bad breath.

(5) Stress

Psychological factors like stress can cause dry mouth. Dried or dehydrated mouth can harbor more anaerobic bacteria inside the mouth causing bad breath.

If you are constantly under stress, then learn how to reduce your stress because stress increases the production of volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth. Even if you practice a good dental hygiene like regularly brushing teeth, you may get a stress-induced bad breath.

(6) Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol consumption and smoking tobacco also increase bad breath. If you are a heavy drinker or smoker, then this can be the reason for constant bad breath even after daily brushing teeth.

How to cure chronic bad breath naturally?

(1) Brush teeth and tongue twice a day on a daily basis using natural breath freshening toothpaste. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride as it helps to keep away tooth decay, which causes halitosis.

(2) Rinse your mouth using antimicrobial mouthwashes. Cosmetic mouthwashes will just mask away foul mouth smell temporarily.

(3) Drink more liquids and fluids so that your mouth doesn’t get dry.

(4) Eat vegetables like green parsley and fruits like avocados more that helps to fight bad breath.

(5) Take care of any underlying health ailments that are causing chronic bad breath even after regular brushing teeth.