How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Fast Without Medicine And Painkillers

emergency-dental-careToothaches are a mild or severe pain in a tooth.  Many toothaches are caused due to a dental cavity or the tooth cavities. The pain of a tooth can vary depending on your tooth cavity’s severity. For instance, a deep-rooted tooth cavity can lead to intense and extreme tooth pain.

Other than cavities in your tooth, inflammations, and infections of the gums and jaws are other causes of a toothache. Therefore, you should avoid cold and hot drinks while having a toothache since this can aggravate your tooth pain intensity.

The best, most effective and safe remedy for a toothache is home remedies. Rather than depending on the best over the counter medicine for a toothache to alleviate your pain, try the following simple, but most effective home remedies. The reason is that, in the long run, taking painkillers and pain pills can take a toll on the body as painkillers have side-effects associated with them. Hence, it is best to choose natural home remedies, which can eradicate your tooth infection and provide relief to your toothache.

How to stop a toothache without medication?

Here is what can you do for a toothache at home to stop a throbbing toothache immediately and fast.

(1) Drink star fruit juice.

Extract fresh juice from a star fruit and consume twice a day. It is the best thing to take for a toothache since it will provide you relief from tooth pain.

(2) Ice pack for severe toothache relief.

Make use of an ice pack or use raw ice cubes to get relief instantly from a toothache. Put an ice pack or raw ice over your affected tooth for a few minutes. The cold effect will eventually numb the nerves and instantly provide you relief from the pain.

(3) Whiskey toothache pain relief

The best liquors like vodka and whiskey can be used to get rid of a toothache. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the vodka or whiskey and press the cotton ball in your tooth pain area. You can also take a whiskey sip and hold it for some minutes in your mouth, on your affected tooth. And later, spit it out. Both the methods are effective to numb the nerves and alleviate a toothache.

(4) Garlic and rock salt

Take a garlic clove and put some rock salt on it. Now put this garlic on your toothache. The antibacterial effect of the garlic will alleviate your tooth pain instantly.

(5) Onion cure for a toothache

Onions have antibacterial properties. Take some cut onion slices and put them on your affected tooth in order to get quick pain relief. Eating onions on a daily basis helps to eliminate bacteria and prevent oral problems.

(6) Bayberry with vinegar

Take a bark of bay berry and mix it along with a little vinegar (acetic acid) and prepare a paste. Then put that paste on your aching tooth. It will provide you a soothing effect and reduce pain. You can also mix it with some amount of hydrogen peroxide solution. This will improve its effectiveness. The bacteria causing toothache will be eliminated, and therefore, your toothache will be reduced.

(7) Ginger roots for a toothache

Another effective home remedy is the ginger tooth. Chew some fresh ginger roots and it will provide you quick relief from a tooth pain.

(8) Wheat grass mouthwash for a toothache.

Wheatgrass is another best pain reliever for tooth pain without taking painkillers. Take some wheatgrass saplings and crush it. Then, use the juice to rinse your mouth, as a mouthwash. You can also consume the juice of wheat grass. Is wheatgrass good for a toothache? Wheat grass contains antibiotic components that will get rid of the bacteria and also the infection.