How To Eliminate Bad Breath During Pregnancy

teeth-whitening-with-dentistBad breath or halitosis is common in women during pregnancy.

Bad breath in pregnancy can be because of dehydration, hormonal imbalances, calcium deficiency, morning sickness or oral problems. No matter what might be the reason for bad breath, the final result is bad smelling breath. Here are a few simple and effective remedies on how to eliminate bad breath while pregnant.

(1) Pregnant women must maintain good oral hygiene.

Taking care of teeth and maintaining proper oral hygiene is very important during pregnancy. The reason is gum diseases and dental caries can affect the developing fetus and increase the risk of preterm labor and deliver underweight babies. Therefore, brush and floss the teeth on a daily basis.

(2) Avoid eating garlic and onions.

Foods like garlic and onions are strong odor producers. They can cause smelly breath in pregnant women. Also, frequently drinking tea or coffee can cause bad breath. Therefore, wash your mouth soon after drinking coffee or tea.

(3) Get oral examination regularly.

In order to prevent any complications to the baby and to the mother, it is essential to visit a dentist regularly during the initial stages of pregnancy. Get a dental check up regularly to detect any probabilities of tooth caries and decay.

(4) Eat foods rich in calcium.

During pregnancy, calcium deficiency can damage the teeth and lead to tooth caries. Hence, pregnant women must eat foods rich in calcium like milk. Calcium supplements can also be added to provide additional calcium to the body.

(5) Consume a lot of water to stay hydrated.

During pregnancy, a common reason for bad breath is dehydration. Therefore, drink lots of water to keep the body properly hydrated.  Also, drinking water increases the saliva production and greatly lessens the number of bacteria, and flushes away bacteria from the mouth.

(6) Clean the tongue while brushing teeth.

Pregnant women should clean their tongue using a tongue cleaner and rub away food items which are stuck on the tongue surface. Or brush the tongue using a toothbrush. This will get rid of bacteria that cause smelly breath.

(7) Use natural products to mask bad breath.

Pregnant women cannot use any chemicals or drugs since it will affect the growing fetus. Hence, use natural breath freshening products such as lemon candies and mints to treat dry mouth.

(8) Rinse mouth to reduce bad breath.

Pregnant women can clean their mouth using freshly extracted lemon juice to get rid of foul breath. They can also use diluted water along with hydrogen peroxide to clean the mouth. However, be careful not to accidentally swallow it. Daily cleaning of the mouth with water and salt solution can also help to reduce bad breath.

(9) Make sure your toothpaste has salt and baking soda.

Buy toothpaste made of salt and baking soda. Or you can mix a small bit of baking soda to your toothpaste and brush. It helps to eliminate bacteria and neutralize the bacterial acid, which also causes bad breath.

(10) Chew gum to get rid of bad breath.

Chewing gum helps in saliva production and removes bacteria accumulation inside the mouth. You can chew sugarless gums after having food to get rid of food particles lodged in the teeth. Chewing gum after food can be a simple way on how to get rid of bad breath during pregnancy.