How Long Do You Have To Wear Braces For Crooked Teeth

emergency-dental-careHow long do braces take to straighten your teeth?

Braces are worn on the crooked teeth. Braces help to shift or move the crooked teeth to the right position. The average time for braces for adults can vary from one person to another person, depending on the severity of the gums and teeth, the space available, the condition of the misaligned teeth, the distance which the teeth require to cover and the cooperativeness of the patient to the dentist’s instructions.

But, the average braces time to wear them is normally from 18 months to 2 complete years. For some patients, braces may have to be put on for a long time up to 2 to 3 years and for some other patient’s the time length can be lesser to wear braces.

Factors determining the duration of braces treatment length:

(1) What age do you get braces for teeth?

The average time length to wear braces depends on your age. The sooner you wear braces, the fastest and effective result you can get. The braces treatment time period will be lesser for the younger age.

Normally, younger children need a shorter amount of time than grownups and adults. The reason is because the tissues and bones of kids would be on growth stage in contrast with the adults. Hence, children’s take lesser amount time to adapt to the changes. Furthermore, adults may require wearing retainers after removing the braces to prevent teeth from moving and to complete the treatment.

(2) The teeth severity

If your teeth are severely crooked or your teeth have a quite bad bite, then you may need to put on braces for a long time period and it may take 2 to 3 years to solve the problem.

(3) Oral health

One more factor that decides the length of time to wear braces is your dental health. Any dental cavities and gum inflammation before braces treatment and during the treatment can interfere when you are undergoing the crooked teeth treatment. Thus, it is crucial to keep good dental hygiene.

(4) Types of braces for teeth

Type of braces you choose to wear is one more factor which can determine the time period of wearing braces. For example, metal braces are more effective and strongest and fastest in correcting crooked teeth. However, ceramic braces and inward braces may need longer time and are less effective to wear for achieving the result. Hence, the types of braces you chose also play a vital role in determining the time period for wearing braces.

(5) The tooth distance needs to be moved

The distance or amount of space that is needed to shift the teeth also determines the average period of time to wear braces. If you have a minor orthodontic issue and your teeth have to move just a narrow distance, then you may have a smaller time length of treatment. But, if your teeth have a big gap between the teeth and your teeth is severely misaligned then the length of time to close a gap will be obviously going to be longer.

Above all, your willingness to follow the orthodontic dentist’s instruction can affect the effectiveness of the treatment to a great extent and also the length of the time. You must listen and follow the dentist’s instructions prior to wearing braces and during the time of putting on braces.

In order to get faster and good results, avoiding sugary beverages, sugary foods and taking care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing can help.