Dog Braces For Teeth- Dog Dental Care

emergency-dental-careCrooked teeth can cause bad bite and it can also cause pain while eating. Dental or orthodontic braces for dogs can be used for straightening the malocclusion teeth or crooked teeth.

Dog braces for teeth are created to treat theses disorganized teeth alignments and avoid any future troubles like facial growth, soft tissue strain, periodontal diseases, aberration developments, and abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint. The most serious condition caused by crooked teeth is known as anachoresis. In dentistry, it means spreading of systematic bacterial infection to the lungs, heart, and liver. It is very important to evaluate crooked teeth and treat them with dog teeth braces.

Other reasons to get dog dental braces

Most often the dog with braces is needed to correct the crooked teeth. But in a few cases like wounds caused by bite problems due to hereditary or birth (congenital) abnormalities, it is essential for the dog to get dog teeth braces. Some other reasons are infectious diseases, endocrine disorders, and imbalances in the radiation, nutrition, and chemical effects.

How to find dog teeth problems symptoms:

  • Try to find the abnormal features in the length of the lower jaw and the upper jaw.
  • Asymmetrical face.
  • Scissor bite or terrible bite and shyness of the dog’s face because of the trauma of the crooked teeth (soft tissue).
  • Dog biting the top of its mouth while closing the mouth.

Can you fit dog braces teeth for any dog?

No. The braces are not always appropriate for all kinds of dog’s faces. There are different types of dog breeds. Some have long narrow faces, others have medium length faces, some have shorter wide faces and others have shorter faces and noses. Hence, correcting crooked teeth to give functional and comfortable bite is instead not an easy method.

Things to be considered before undergoing orthodontics for dogs

  • You should consider your dog’s temperament. For instance, an aggressive dog may not tolerate the braces.
  • One more thing to consider is your dog’s age.
  • Your’s time limitations because occlusal braces may need various evaluations.
  • Checking whether the braces for your dog are suitable or not.
  • If the braces will be useful or not for your dog.
  • Side-effects and risks.

Canine teeth diagnosis and treatment

Pet veterinarian will do the tests to check whether the braces are appropriate for your dog or not. Here is the step by step process followed by the dog dentist:

  • Dog teeth cleaning
  • Finish oral examination
  • Blood and medical examinations
  • Finish mouth x-rays
  • Anesthetized to prepare a custom mouth mold
  • Custom made mouth mold is then attached to your dog’s mouth while it is again anesthetized
  • Visits to the pet vet clinic every week to evaluate the braces

Types of dog braces:

  • Orthodontic buttons with elastic chains
  • Invisible braces
  • Other orthodontics like interceptive orthodontics or incline plane.

How much do dog braces cost?

Depending on your dog’s teeth condition, and how many times anesthesia is required, dog braces cost range from$1500 and $4000.

Advantages of dog braces:

The braces can have tremendous benefits. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Prevention of any gum or oral infections
  • Preventing future pain and trauma
  • Prevention of periodontal diseases
  • Prevention of systemic infections
  • Treating difficulties while eating

Precautions when your dog gets braces:

  • Feed your dog soft foods
  • Until the braces are removed, don’t allow your dog to chew any hard substances.