Different Types Of Teeth Whitening Procedures And Methods

emergency-dental-careA rickety lifestyle causes teeth discoloration. If you don’t keep a good dental hygiene or if you are obsessed with tobacco or drinking beverages too much that stain your normal teeth color, then you are prone to get stained teeth.

The teeth whitening treatments would depend on the severity and the number of teeth that need to get repaired.

The teeth whitening procedures

Here are the best teeth whitening procedures that are very effective and easily accessible.

Teeth whitening strips

These are very easy to use and probably due to this reason, they are the most sought after these days. Teeth whitening strips are very effective and using them doesn’t need any dentist supervision.

How to use teeth whitening strips

You must read the instructions on the box thoroughly before you use it. Usually, every brand of teeth whitening strips would need you to wrap the strip having the whitening gel on your upper teeth and lower teeth and then, wait for some moments according to the instruction given in that specific box.

Afterward, just remove the strips from your teeth and spit out the excess gel so that the excess gel content in the whitening strips don’t get filled up in your mouth.

Don’t expect any major changes immediately. This type of teeth whitening procedures usually needs a week of consistent application to give you the desired result.

Natural ways to whiten teeth at home procedures

There are many homemade remedies that can whiten and brighten your teeth at home. These techniques are very effective as they don’t cost much and you can get pearly white teeth in a limited period of time.

(1) Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural whitening agent that can whiten your teeth instantly, and get rid of the yellow stains. But it must not be applied plain onto the teeth because it can result in a burning sensation. You can mix it with several ingredients, which are easily available in your kitchen like the toothpaste, strawberries or just the table salt. Make a mixture of the baking soda with any of the ingredients and see your teeth getting whitened.

(2) Abrasives

Naturally abrasive food products work best to make your teeth whiter and they are one of the most effective natural teeth whitening methods. Abrasive food items like the sesame seeds, apples, celery and the likes can clean your teeth and provide you a sparkling glow of white color.

(3) The magic of strawberry and banana

Rubbing the peel of banana fruit before brushing the teeth can also whiten your teeth. Furthermore, using strawberries the same way can also make your teeth whiter and it is also a tooth whitening procedure.

(4) Chew and brush

Other teeth whitening procedures at home are chewing gums and making use of the good teeth whitening toothpaste.

Here are some other professional teeth whitening procedures:

Teeth bleaching at home, In office bleaching systems, and over the counter teeth whitening.