Are Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray Effective

teeth-whitening-with-dentistAt-home teeth whitening can be performed using teeth whitening kits. The usual teeth whitening kits contain a tray and a bleaching agent or gel.

The easiest, most convenient and cost-effective way to get your teeth whitened is by using teeth whitening mouth tray. The bleaching agent present in the kit contains hydrogen or carbamide peroxide that removes hard stains effectively.

Teeth whitening tray kits are available in several variations. You can buy it from over the counter stores or you can search for custom-made mouth trays. Over the counter, whitening trays might come along with various bleaching agents. However, the most effective bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide, without which, it is impossible to obtain the best teeth whitening results. Thus, hydrogen peroxide is an active element used in the bleaching gel.

Is tray whitening system effective?

Teeth whitening trays are little trays that smoothly fit in your mouth. They are made up of soft plastics or rubber material and you can buy it either custom made or pre-made. Whitening trays are like a mouthpiece which keeps the bleaching gels or agents. The bleaching agent is applied inside the trays and after that, it is placed in your mouth. When the gel is placed inside the tray, it tends to remain longer at your teeth compared to when it is placed on your teeth. The mouth tray along with the bleaching gel is allowed to stay for an hour inside your mouth. And at times, it is allowed to stay overnight in order to get the best teeth whitening result.

The mouth trays, stop the whitening gels from touching your gums and cheeks. This protects you from any sensations and discomfort which normally happens with usual teeth whitening gels.

Doing tray based teeth whitening procedure can result in a sensitivity of the gums and the teeth. Hence, it is very important that you buy a brand that has the required amount of hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening kits having high hydrogen peroxide concentration can be harmful to your gums. Rather than giving whiter teeth, it may give you tooth sensitivity. Therefore, the mouth tray must be placed just for a little time and this must be able to provide you a brighter whiter teeth.  If you keep the mouth trays for a longer time, you may end up getting teeth irritation, sensitivity, and soreness of the teeth and gums.

One of the drawbacks of using teeth whitening trays is that they can be troublesome and are not easy to use. They need a lot of patience and are time-consuming. If you have a very busy schedule, then it doesn’t perform well. And the results that you get can also vary. And at times, you may not end up getting your desired result.

Custom bleaching tray versus premade!

Pre-made mouth trays are common and can be purchased from over the counter dental stores. However, if they are not properly fitted, they can cause spilling or leaking of the bleaching gels. And this can cause discomfort such as tooth sensitivity. And, it can be harmful to your teeth. Furthermore, bad pre-made fitted trays may not whiten your teeth uniformly.

Therefore, the best option is to buy custom-made teeth whitening retainer trays. They can last longer and are reliable. For getting the best teeth whitening result, you must select professional made dental custom trays. Custom tray dental is effective and cheap. Your dentist professional will create a mold of your teeth and then design a moldable teeth whitening trays that will be able to fit properly to your teeth.

This will make sure you get whiter teeth uniformly and get the best results from using the bleaching trays from dentist. Custom made teeth tray for whitening not only gives accurate fit but also guards your gums and teeth against any spilling risks.

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