A Toothache While Pregnant – Home Remedies To Get Rid Of

emergency_dental_careWhat causes a toothache during pregnancy?

The causes of a toothache during pregnancy can be caused because of swollen gums, gum diseases, tooth decay, wisdom tooth and calcium deficiency in the body.

The main cause of a toothache is due to hormone imbalance. Increased progesterone and estrogen levels during pregnancy can make the women more susceptible to dental caries, sensitivity, and infections.

Therefore, getting treatment for a toothache during pregnancy first trimester, second trimester, and the third trimester is important. If it is left not attended, then it can result in periodontal diseases and in extreme cases, can affect the baby. This implies a dreadful toothache can harm the fetus.

These days, most pregnant women are aware of what can a pregnant woman take for a toothache, what to do with a toothache in pregnancy, and can you use Orajel while pregnant. They are careful about prescription medicines and over the counter painkillers since it can probably affect their baby. But, advanced medications are now safe for the fetus. The best thing you can do is seek a medical help from a doctor.

What to use for a toothache during pregnancy?

Beside from visiting a doctor and having pain killers, you can try some of these highly effective natural toothache home remedies while pregnant to get relief from nerve tooth pain without going to the dentist. Here are 8 toothache remedy for pregnant women to make it go away:

(1) Clove or clove oil for a toothache during pregnancy

For pregnant women, one of the most effective toothache remedies is using cloves or clove oil for alleviating the tooth pain. How to use clove oil for toothache pain? Either you can chew on some cloves or soak a cotton ball in the clove oil and then put it on your aching tooth. A clove contains antiseptic properties that will alleviate your tooth pain instantly and make you feel better.

(2) Do you put ice or heat on a toothache?

Heat compression on a toothache – Soak a damp cloth in warm water and press the cloth on the pain surface outside your mouth near your cheek. This can relieve a toothache for some time.

Cold ice compression – Using ice for toothache pain is another safe and most effective toothache remedy. You can either soak a cloth in the ice cold water and put it on the pain area outside your mouth or place an ice pack on your toothache. It would numb your nerves causing tooth pain and provide relief from the pain.

(3) Chew some raw onion for a toothache.

Another remedy to allay your tooth pain is to chew some raw onions for around 3-minutes. If your pain is too hurting and severe to chew, then you can put an onion slice directly on top of your aching tooth.

(4) Garlic for a toothache while pregnant

How to use garlic for a toothache? Garlic is an old, ancient remedy to cure a toothache. You can chew on some garlic cloves or put crushed garlic cloves directly on your toothache. Garlic has antibiotic element Allicin that reduces the bacteria causing toothache. Once the bacteria reduce, your pain will lessen on its own. Garlic is a most effective remedy to relieve a toothache immediately.

(5) Benefits of guava leaves for a toothache

How to use guava leaves for teeth? You can chew guava leaves till its juice oozes out from the leaves. Or you can place some guava leaves in boiling water and later cool it and add to it a pinch of salt. Then, gargle your mouth with this solution of boiled guava leaves. Repeat gargling quite a few times to ensure the water penetrates completely into your aching tooth.

(6) Chew on some raw spinach leaves

Chew on some spinach leaves against your aching tooth or just crush the leaves to make a paste and directly put it on your affected tooth to stop a toothache.

(7) Avoid sugary foods

Women during pregnancy, having a toothache must avoid having sugary foods and sweets since it can lead to increased plaque buildup and make your toothache worse.

(8) Rinse with warm water

A very simple home remedy to get relief from a toothache is rinsing mouth with salt water for the abscess. You can add some salt to lukewarm water for enhancing its effectiveness. What does salt water rinse do? Warm salt water rinse for a toothache not only soothes your pain but also remove the stuck food particles in-between your tooth.