A toothache while pregnant – 5 Safe home remedies For relief

emergency-dental-careA toothache is common in pregnancy. The most common reasons for a toothache during pregnancy are tooth decay or bacterial dental caries. A toothache may cause added stress on the woman and this can be harmful to both the woman as well as her baby. Hence, even a minor tooth pain must be treated.

Using a pain reliever for a toothache for pregnant women like antibiotics might not be the best option. Therefore, using a home remedy for a toothache for the pregnant woman can be a safer option in order to get rid toothache while pregnant.

What can a pregnant woman take for a toothache?

Here is the safe toothache home remedy for pregnant women to follow during pregnancy first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester that doesn’t cause any harm to the woman’s health and her baby.

What to do with a toothache in pregnancy?

(1) Use cloves as it contains antibacterial and anesthetic effect.

A clove is a culinary herb that contains both antibacterial and anesthetic effects on a toothache pain. The pregnant woman can either take some cloves and chew or crush a few cloves and put that paste on her affected tooth.

Using clove oil is also a good option for relieving tooth pain. Soak a cotton ball in the clove oil and put the soaked cotton ball on your affected tooth. Or rub a few drops of clove oil on your aching tooth directly. The clove’s antibacterial and anesthetic effect will instantly alleviate your toothache. The clove is the oldest and most successful toothache treatments during pregnancy.

Is it safe to use clove oil when pregnant?

You must only use diluted clove oil. The reason is that undiluted clove oil is very strong and can result in irritation and burns if it is not properly used.

(2) Should you use hot or cold compress for a toothache?

A woman, while pregnant can either use hot or cold therapy for toothache relief during pregnancy. Take an ice pack and put the cold compress outside your toothache area directly. Or you can apply the cold ice on your aching tooth.

Another toothache treatment for pregnant women is to chew ice. The cold effect will give you some relief immediately by numbing the aching tooth. Some people feel that doing hot compress provides them the best results for a toothache. If you get better toothache relief from the heat, then soak a cloth in hot water or use a heat bag, and put the warm damp cloth on the area of your affected tooth. You can also fill rice in a sock and warm it in a microwave. Later, rest your affected mouth part on the heat pad.

(3) Rinse to cure a toothache while pregnant.

Rinsing also often helps in relieving a toothache pain. Make a solution of warm water and salt. Then, sip and hold a mouthful of salt water for about 30-seconds and later spit it out to alleviate your pain. Also, making a mixture of warm water, honey and squeezed lemon can kill the bacteria causing the tooth pain and soothe your toothache.

(4) Pure vanilla extract for a toothache during pregnancy.

How to use? Soak a clean cotton ball in the vanilla extract and put the soaked cotton ball on your aching tooth. Or you can also rub some drops of liquid vanilla directly on your affected tooth and also on its surrounding gums. You can get relief from a severe toothache quickly.

(5) Ginger and garlic for a toothache

Both ginger and garlic paste are culinary herbs that are used for the tooth infection and tooth decay and contains soothing effect on a toothache. Grind ginger and garlic to make a paste and apply them on your affected tooth. You can also chew some garlic cloves to alleviate a toothache.

Can you use Orajel while pregnant?

Orajel dental gel is a local anesthetic, usually used as a topical pain reliever for cold sores, toothaches, or mouth pain. Typically, the active ingredient present in the Orajel is Benzocaine. Practitioners will usually use this medication for the pregnant woman, if necessary.

The Orajel is a category C drug, over-the-counter, and non-prescription product. Therefore, you should follow the instructions on the label and must carefully follow the directions without deviating on how often and how much the gel must be applied.

Is benzocaine safe during pregnancy?

Generally, the Orajel product is totally safe for an expectant mother if it is used topically for a short period of time, and as directed.


While the above natural, safe medicine for a toothache for pregnant women is effective, they are only for temporary pain relief. The above tips on the cure for a toothache for pregnant women must never be used as an alternative for a permanent toothache relief.

Although these remedies for a toothache when pregnant can be used to get toothache relief, any serious causes of a chronic toothache during pregnancy like the inflammation and infection of the pulp must be treated by a dentist professional for better treatment.