A Toothache At Night – Why Toothache Worse Only At Night

emergency-dental-careA toothache can be a sharp shooting severe pain in and around your teeth or it can be a dull throbbing pain.

Why does tooth pain come and go?

The main causes of a toothache are dental caries, tooth decay, abscessed tooth, teeth grinding, and sinusitis. A tooth pain often comes and goes. A toothache can stop and then suddenly start again with extreme flare-ups. The excruciating pain can prevent people from enjoying regular activities, eating and sleeping. The most usual problem with a toothache is the tooth pain that gets worse at night. A toothache is more probably to become worse when you try to sleep or lie down in the night.

Why is a toothache worse at night?

Various dental or tooth problems can cause a toothache become worse during the night. A sinus toothache worse at night because of trapped mucous when you lie down resulting in a severe toothache.

Why a toothache worse at night? Why my tooth hurts at night but not during the day?

A toothache can become worse during the night because when you horizontally lay down on the bed, the blood rushes to your head faster. Hence, the blood exerts more pressure on your sensitive tooth. When you place your head lower than your body, the more blood will be present in that area. Therefore, the lowered area begins to cause a throbbing pain.

Furthermore, you may feel a mild toothache in your day. Since you may be busy performing daily works and activities, this can make you forget about your tooth pain. But in the night, you are relaxed and not focused on any work. Therefore, you may feel a more intense toothache.

How to deal with a toothache at night?

Learn how to get rid of a toothache at night by following the below remedies to get relief from an unbearable toothache at night:

(1) Before you sleep, sip some whiskey and then rinse your mouth and later spit it out. This toothache at night remedy can help you sleep free from pain.

(2) Food particles remaining in your teeth and mouth can also cause a tooth pain at night only. Therefore, flossing can help you get rid of any clogged food items.

(3) Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after having food and before going to sleep to reduce bacteria causing toothache.

(4) In order to get relief from a toothache when lying down at night, put an ice pack cold compress on the area outside of your toothache. Or you can soak a cloth in chilled ice water or use raw ice cubes and put it on your affected tooth pain externally.

(5) Using cloves can also help you to alleviate a toothache at night time only. Dip a cotton ball in clove oil and put into your toothache, or put few clove oil drops on your affected tooth and gums. It will provide relief for a bad toothache at night by numbing the tooth pain and let you sleep without getting pain.

(6) The best thing you can do for a toothache only at night lying down is bundle 2 to 3 pillows under your neck and elevate your head and sleep in this position. This can be the best way to sleep with a toothache.

(7) If one of the causes of a toothache at night is because of an abscessed tooth, then mix baking soda and salt equally, pat cotton ball in water and dip the cotton in the powder. Put the cotton ball in between your teeth and cheek and not directly inside your tooth. You can leave the cotton overnight, and this will relieve pressure and toothache.

(8) If your chronic toothache persists, then take a painkiller like aspirin or acetaminophen in order to fall asleep with a toothache. This toothache at night remedy can alleviate your pain.

(9) Visit a near me dentist professional and find out the reasons for a toothache at night. This will allow you to know what to do for a toothache at night and help you to eliminate your toothache that gets worse at night permanently.