9 Foods That Whiten Teeth Naturally

emergency-dental-careHere is a list of amazing foods that can whiten teeth and make your teeth stronger.

(1) Seeds and nuts

When nuts and seeds are chewed on, they can be abrasive in a good way. Hard foods like walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews rub tooth plaque and remove stains from the teeth surface. Hence, seeds and nuts help to eliminate the discoloration of the teeth and reveal the white tooth color over time.

(2) Oranges

This delicious and sweet fruit, not only give a regular supply of vitamin c into your body but also helps to neutralize the acid in the mouth. And hence, prevents teeth becoming yellow and helps to make your teeth white.

(3) Cheese

The delicious and tasty cheese has calcium, which helps to strengthen the gum and the teeth. Cheese is made mostly of casein, a milk protein that helps to make sure that no mineral is lost in the tooth enamel hence, prevents teeth becoming yellow.

(4) Carrot and celery

Having vitamin A, carrots make your tooth enamel healthy. In addition, eating raw carrots stimulates the production of saliva that cleanses your tooth surface naturally.

Furthermore, the high amount of water content that is present in the carrot and celery helps to whiten your tooth surface by cleaning excessive food particles from your tooth surface. And hence, makes sure that your gums are strong.

(5) Broccoli

Broccolis are normally very coarse. The iron content in broccoli helps to form acid-resistant barriers that can guard your tooth enamel against becoming discolored and forming cavities. Hence intake of broccoli on a regular basis helps to scrub the tooth surface and it ensures that your teeth are free from food debris that contaminates the teeth and result in stained teeth.

So, consuming fresh, raw broccoli helps to clean and polish your teeth and ensures that your teeth are white in color.

(6) Apples

Apples are amazing at scrubbing and strengthening your teeth and gums. Since they contain high malic acid, consuming apples increases the production of saliva. Increased saliva production in your mouth helps to remove stains, cleans your teeth and fights bacteria colonies that are responsible for dental plaque and bad breath (halitosis).

Apples contain high water content and, therefore, help to clean away the bacteria in your mouth that can cause yellow teeth.

(7) Strawberries

These red fruits contain malic acid that can whiten teeth by cleaning the surface stains on the teeth. Therefore, don’t let the red color of this fruit confuse you. The strawberry also contains antioxidants that help to minimize stain-attracting bacteria.

(8) Pineapple

The pineapple contains a compound known as Bromelain, which is a naturally occurring enzyme having cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain is also used as an ingredient in stain-removing teeth whitening toothpaste. Pineapple helps to remove plaque and acts as a natural stain cleaner.

(9) Onions

They may cause smelly breath, but onions have antibacterial sulfur compounds that are anti-plaque and stop plaque formation on your teeth. And the onions lingering flavor helps to whiten your teeth indirectly.

But onions should be eaten raw in order to reap the advantage of anti-plaque. Hence, include onions on your food whenever you can and brush your teeth after consuming them.