9 Best Home Remedy For Toothache Pain – Emergency Relief From Severe Teeth Pain

emergency-dental-careA toothache can make your life miserable by its excruciating pain. A toothache can happen suddenly and during such cases, you can resort to the best home remedy for a toothache.

Causes of a bad and dull toothache – a comprehensive view

Dental caries or tooth decay The deeply decayed tooth can gradually begin to penetrate into the internal root of your tooth and pulp through the dentin and hence, cause a toothache.

Abscess formation – Abscess can cause pus accumulation and gums swelling, hence causing a toothache.

Gingivitis – Gum diseases like gingivitis is another main cause of a toothache. If gingivitis is not treated, then it can infect your gums and spread to the pulp chamber.

Other reasons – Teething (a baby tooth falling out), radiation (radiating pain due to sinus infection tooth pain), etc.

Home remedy for bad toothache pain

Following is the most effective home remedy for a toothache, you can follow for fast toothache relief.

What is a good home remedy for a toothache?

(1) Garlic clove for a toothache

Garlic is an old herb to alleviate a toothache. Grind a garlic clove and mix it along with a pinch of rock salt. Put this mixture on top of your aching tooth and then leave it for some minutes. You can immediately get relief from your tooth pain.

(2) Turmeric powder for a toothache

Burn turmeric sticks. Then use this powder as a tooth powder for your tooth pain.

(3) Ice pack for a toothache

You can either use raw cold ice or a cold ice pack on top of your toothache. The ice cold treatment is very good for tooth pain and will immediately reduce your pain by numbing your nerves. Making use of an ice pack is the best home remedy for a toothache.

(4) Pure peppermint extract for a toothache

How to use? Take about 5 grams of fresh peppermint and add it to a cup of water. Add a little salt and boil the mixture. Once the mixture cools down, use it to drink on a daily basis. This quick and instant home remedy for a toothache will help you to prevent gum swellings, cavity, a toothache, and inflammations.

(5) Tea bag treatment for a toothache

Use a tea bag for a severe toothache. Steep a tea bag in the hot water and later remove the tea bag and use it on your affected tooth. This will soothe your toothache.

(6) Drinking vodka and whiskey for a toothache

Alcohols, like vodka and whiskey, can be the best liquor for a toothache. Take a cotton ball, soak it in vodka or whiskey and then put this soaked cotton ball on your tooth pain. This will numb your pain and help you get a pain relief.

You can also take sips of vodka or whiskey, and hold it on your affected tooth inside your mouth for a little bit of time and then spit it out from your mouth. This will immediately allay your bad toothache.

(7) Cucumber

Is cucumber good for a toothache? Take refrigerated cucumbers and cut it into slices and place on your affected tooth. You can get a soothing effect on your aching tooth from the chilled cucumber.

(8) Clove oil for a toothache

How to use? Clove oil is effective to relieve a toothache without causing any side effects since it contains analgesic effect. Soak the cotton ball in the clove oil and then press it over your aching tooth. If you don’t have a clove oil, then grind the clove and put the powder on your inflamed affected tooth. In a minute, it will reduce your pain.

(9) Gargle with warm salt water to ease a toothache

Will gargling with salt water help a toothache? Rinsing with saltwater is the easiest and common home remedies for a toothache. Mix some salt with lukewarm water and rinse with it for about 30-seconds and repeat it several times. What does salt water rinse do? It soothes your toothache and heals mouth sores.