7 Home Remedies To Get Pearly White Teeth

emergency-dental-careWhiter teeth are something that most people desire in this cosmetically driven world. Many people spend a bunch of their money on teeth whitening products to get a different shade of teeth. However, with natural alternatives, you can restore your tooth whiteness naturally without hurting your teeth. Here the 7 ways to whiten your teeth at home.

(1) Maintain a good oral hygiene.

The first thing that you could do for getting pearly white teeth is keeping a good oral hygiene. Due to this reason, brushing your teeth twice a day (or thrice) would certainly help you to get rid of any tartar build-up on teeth that causes teeth discoloration.

(2) Eat crunchy foods.

Teeth whitening could be performed at home eating fruits and vegetables that are naturally crunchy. Apples, carrots, celery, pears, etc., all contain a rasping sound, which eliminates the teeth stains that would be present on the teeth naturally. These fruits and vegetables produce more saliva inside the mouth, which in turn removes food debris and hence, prevents any possible gum disease or tooth decay.

(3) Develop a habit to regularly floss.

Oral cavity must essentially be clean to make sure that you get glossy and shiny white teeth. Besides brushing your teeth, it is advised by dentists to develop a habit to floss your teeth on a daily basis in order to maintain a clean mouth.

You may have seen the appearance of ugly stains in-between your teeth too. Thus, flossing regularly would allow you to reduce the intensity of the discoloration in a great deal.

(4) Eat cheese after your meal.

Having dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, etc after having the meal triggers the tooth enamel re-mineralization. The phosphorus and calcium content in cheese also helps to prevent any type of tooth decay.

(5) Chew sugarless gums.

You can also do teeth whitening at home by chewing sugarless gums that you can get in grocery or drug stores that promise picture perfect white teeth. It is seen that these chewing gums stop plaque build-up and increase the saliva production in the mouth.

(6) Eat strawberry fruit topped with chocolate.

One more effective way to whiten your teeth at home is by eating chocolate covered strawberries.  Strawberries are a natural teeth whitener that nature has given and on the other hand, chocolate is naturally antibacterial with its cocoa content that makes your teeth bright and healthy.

If you are sugar conscious, then just brush or rub the strawberries on your teeth without the chocolate in order to make your teeth whiter. An interesting thing here is that even the strawberry fruit’s seeds are useful to give you those gleaming teeth.

(7) Mix baking soda with toothpaste.

Baking soda is one more excellent teeth whitener, which is easily available in your kitchen. Using baking soda on your teeth gives you the result for yourself in just a week or so. However, don’t use plain baking soda when brushing since it can harm the gums resulting in a burning sensation. Rather, mix it with your regular toothpaste and brush to get best results.

Follow the above 7 tips on how to whiten your teeth at home and get gleaming, pearly white teeth.