6 Tips On How To Whiten Your Teeth

teeth-whitening-with-dentistHere are 6 simple tips on teeth whitening:

(1) Vegetables and chomp fruits

Munch on those vegetables and fruits that are crunchy in nature. And make sure that these vegetables and fruits are devoured raw.

  • Here are the beneficial vegetables – Carrots, celery, etc.
  • Here are the beneficial fruits – Apples, strawberries, pear, etc.

(2) Stay away from drinks that stain the teeth

There are lots of teeth staining drinks. These are the regular tea, the coffee, cranberry juice, carbonated drinks like colas, red wines, etc. All these drinks stain your teeth and cause discoloration. Hence, try to avoid them. Even if you want to savor them, make sure you follow the quick techniques to reduce the effect:

  • Drink beverages with straw – Drinking with a straw would reduce the effect because the beverage would not make contact with the teeth.
  • Immediately rinse your mouth – Rinsing your mouth soon after consuming a drink has the chances of your teeth not getting stained.

(3) Maintain a good oral hygiene

You need to keep a good oral health in order to have healthy white teeth. If you don’t maintain healthy teeth, then you are bound to have tartar formed inside your mouth or get bacterial infections. This would affect your teeth in turn and result in discoloration. To lessen the effect:

  • ­Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Floss your teeth on a regular basis.

(4) Avoid consuming tomato sauce

Most kids and adults equally hog on to the tomato sauce. But, this general item in every home is quite acidic in nature. And it can stain your teeth very easily.

To combat the tomato sauce’s possibility of staining your teeth, you might have to get your hands onto green leafy vegetables soon after consuming tomato sauce.

(5) Quit bad habits

Here are some bad habits that people are likely to develop over time:

  • Biting the nails – Even older people have a tendency for biting their nails, due to tension or simply for fun. It is very important to break this habit since this can weaken the tooth enamel. In the long run, it would cause your teeth look unattractive and uneven.
  • Opening items from the mouth – It is habitual for people to use their teeth for opening things like plastic packets or beer bottle by their teeth. Use scissors and openers just for this purpose. The reason is if you open things from your teeth constantly, then you would finally have your tooth enamel, which helps to maintain your whitened teeth, erode away.
  • Avoid pricking the teeth using finger nails – In order to prick stains from the teeth, many people have this habit of using finger nails for scrapping it. Finger nails are likely to take off the tooth enamel too.
  • Smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco – These are known bad habits which would finally cause your teeth stained. Hence, it must be avoided compulsorily.

(6) Get routine dental checkups

It is recommended to have dental check up’s done and visit the dentists regularly so that your teeth stays white and healthy.

These 6 simple tips for whitening teeth will make your teeth shine if followed regularly and religiously.