2 Best Dentist Teeth Whitening Methods

teeth-whitening-with-dentistMany people desire to get a brilliant smile with sparkling and pearly bright teeth. For achieving it, they burn up a lot of money on various teeth whitening products that cost a lot.

What is the best teeth whitening treatment at the dentist?

There are a few teeth whitening treatments for whitening your teeth. The teeth bleaching is simply one of them.

The teeth bleaching is the widely known, most effective teeth whitening treatment because it is cheaper when compared to laser whitening treatment. The treatment is performed without taking away any of your tooth surfaces.

Everyone has distinct teeth color. Many smokers naturally have discolored teeth and others are blessed with bright, white teeth.

Usually, the teeth bleaching is best for those who have stained teeth such as smokers and those who don’t brush properly after eating foods that discolor their teeth. It is suggested that you get advice from a dentist professional before using these teeth whitening products. The dentist will tell you whether if it is suitable for you to perform a teeth whitening treatment and will suggest it if you are appropriate.

How does teeth bleaching work?

First, the dentist will put a rubber shield or gel on your gums so that the soft issue don’t get damaged. After that, they will put the bleaching product to your teeth using a mouth tray which will fit your mouth shape. Then, the dentist would simply give you a few instructions and you will carry on the treatment at home.

The active ingredients present in the bleaching products like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide make your teeth white. When the active ingredient begins to break, the oxygen enters inside the tooth enamel and then, the color of the teeth becomes lighter. Whitening treatments like this are generally done in 4-weeks.

There are new teeth whitening kits that can be used for 8-hours straight, at a time. The treatment can be performed when you are going to sleep. You can get the desired result after a week.

Laser teeth whitening treatment

Laser teeth whitening is one more option to get your teeth whitened. During the in-office laser teeth whitening process, a rubber dam will be positioned on your teeth in order to guard the gums against getting damaged. Next, a whitening product is applied to your teeth. Then, the laser’s blue light will be pointed to trigger the applied whitening chemical. The laser boosts the chemical effect of the whitening product so that the teeth’s change of color can be quickly achieved.

The dentist professional needs to examine your teeth to make sure that you are fit to perform the laser whitening teeth procedure. It is the fastest treatment that can only take just an hour.

The effects of teeth bleaching can last up to 3-years and can vary from one individual to another. Obviously, if you go on smoking and eating or drinking products that can discolor your teeth, the effect of treatment is less likely to last long.

When undergoing the treatment or after the treatment, you will feel your teeth getting sensitive to cold. However, these symptoms normally disappear within a week once the treatment is performed.


There are a lot of over the counter teeth whitening products available in the dental stores. These are effective in cleaning stains and improve your teeth’s entire appearance. However, it would not change your teeth’s natural color. Once you undergo a teeth whitening treatment, teeth whitening toothpaste can help you to make the effect to last longer.

There are many natural ways to maintain your teeth white. Reduce the amount of food that you consume or drink that causes a discoloration or stain on your teeth. And also, stop smoking and develop a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day to stop discoloring or staining of your teeth.